'Face Off' recap: 'Scene of the Crime'

Mitchell with host Westmore

Laura, Roy, Derek and Nicole, are the last four standing, and in this week's episode of Face Off, they need to channel their inner Grimm. The pressure is even more intense because the three that remain after elimination, head to the Live Finale on Halloween. Their spotlight challenge tonight is to assess a crime scene and determine, and then create, the gruesome creature that may have committed the crime. Tonight's special guest was Silas Weir Mitchell (aka Monroe) from the NBC's hit show, Grimm. He offered some expert insight on how to tackle this very cool challenge.

The fab four are led into the woods of Cedar Grove in Griffith Park, Calif., and need to select one of four crime scenes. They scatter and finally end up choosing their scene (except for Roy, who ends up with the last pick). They get 30 minutes to take pictures and sketch. Derek imagines a feathered raptor, or what he thinks a raptor may look like after evolution. Laura's crime scene features webs and a victim with an allergic reaction, so she takes the insect route. Roy's victim endured puncture wounds and there's a large, broken egg; he's thinking angry "snake" mama. There is gray fur and an abandoned baby shoe at Nicole's "picnic" crime scene, so she wants to design an original werewolf.

Day one

Laura is very pensive and is missing her husband. Hey Laura, let's channel your energy into your work and win this thing! Hubby will be very happy. Does her angst hold her back? Well, no.

As usual on Day One, the models are chosen and sculpting begins. Nicole and Roy choose to make their creatures (wolf and snake), female. Laura questions the hell out of herself and her design, but ends up going back to her original bug idea. Derek is still unsure about his raptor sculpt.

Day two

Instead of one of the show's judges doing the Day Two walk-through and critique, the contestants get a special surprise this week. Grimm's make-up designer, Barney Burman, thrills the four with his presence and advice. Nicole looks like she's going to cry with excitement and he likes that she is showing the human elements in her creature. Roy is staying away from fabrication this challenge and Barney encourages focus on small details. He is concerned that Derek's colors may be too muted and Derek does seem worried. Overall, he is most excited about seeing Roy's snake lady and Laura's colorful bug.

The biggest drama on this day of the challenge is that Nicole can't get her mold open but with the help of Roy and Nicole, all is well. Some cat fights would have been nice this season. Oh well. I guess we have to focus on their talent and amazing creations. The coolest thing we learned, is Roy's trick of making webs by blowing hot glue with an air compressor. Messy, but fun AND effective!

Day three

The live models arrive and it looks like Nicole gets that bodacious one that foils the chest pieces they create. Both Nicole and Roy have chest piece issues. It looks like Roy doesn't mind so much…just an observation. The addition of a nasty-looking red wig really seems to be the thorn in Roy's side tonight though. He even calls it "bad sex hair". Hey Roy, there's no such thing. It wouldn't be the first time a redhead brings a man down.

Derek takes a lot of time with his feather placement and during last looks, he has trouble fitting in the raptor claw that was found at the scene. His placement on the boot turns out to impress the judges. Laura's paint job is crucial and very involved but ultimately, her hard work pays off.

Tonight's guest judge is acclaimed writer/producer, Richard Hatem. Cool last name. He produces Grimm so he's kind of an expert on this stuff. He loves all the creatures tonight, as do Ve, Glenn and Neville. The decision tonight is really tough. Roy's snake lady has a "solid sculpt" but the cheek fangs and bad hair don't work. Derek's evolved dinosaur with feathers had "interesting choices and good balance." Laura's colorful, mid-transformation, web-spinning beetle was, according to Glenn, "so well done, it blew my mind." According to Richard, he thought Nicole's creature looked like a werewolf zombie and was very scary, but Glenn was distracted by the clothing choices she made.

In the end, the judges liked them all but made the shocking choice to eliminate Roy. They admire his willingness to take chances and think big but clearly wanted to see more of Nicole's work. Are you happy about this? Laura won tonight and will be joining Derek and Nicole in the finale. Was this the right decision? Are you looking forward to next's week's challenge and Halloween special?

The challenge for next Tuesday's episode, "Immortal Enemies," is for the final three to create two Halloween-themed characters who, not only are creative, but could also withstand a choreographed stunt show.

Here's a sneak peak:

Then the finale airs on Oct. 31 at 10 p.m. ET, where all the season's contestants will assemble (will Joe be there?) and the viewer will help decide this season's lucky winner!