'Grimm' recap: 'The Good Shepherd'

Monroe goes undercover, courtesy NBC

Opening quote: "Dressed in the skin, the Wolf strolled into the pasture with the Sheep. Soon a little Lamb was following him about and was quickly led away to slaughter."

After a three week break, Grimm is back on Fridays. Let's recap the last episode real quick: There's a Nuckelavee in town looking for the key. Renard has an informant back in the Homeland that warned him about the Nuckelavee. Juliette still doesn't remember Nick. Hank knows everything. Remember now? Good.

Over at McFadden's Mulch, we have a little man named Norm sitting at a desk updating a spreadsheet. As he leaves for the night, he is attacked by a red-eyed monster in a hoodie. Ah, the little man is a Seelengut, a sheep-like critter. Poor Norm, when next we see him, he's falling into a wood chipper.

Meanwhile, Nick is also having a bad night having returned home to find Juliette has gone out with her friends. No note. No phone call. No nothing. So he settles in for an exciting evening of sleeping on the couch. On the upside, Juliette's friends spill that Nick asked her to marry him, and she turned him down. Juliette does confused so well.

After Nick's restful night he gets presented with a smarmy-looking preacher man accusing Norm of stealing all of his church's money. All $357,000 of it. You know he's dirty. It's the hair. Sgt. Wu locates Norm's car, sending the Grimmster's off to McFadden's Mulch. This is where they find Norm. Thanks to Norm's hip replacement, he clogged up the wood chipper. Ah ha! We have a murder and an embezzlement!

Back at the church, we find Rev. Lance Calvin's assistant Megan putting out cookies for the congregation while The good Reverend breaks the bad news to them. Nick drops the news that Norm was murdered and finds that the entire congregation are Seelenguten. The best news of all? The Reverend is a Blutbad. Get it? A flock of Sheep led by a Wolf?!

Rev. Calvin claims to be a reformed Blutbad. Even saying "If you cut off my head, I forgive you" to Nick. If only Nick had taken him up on it. Nick and Hank also discovered that there was an embezzlement at Rev. Calvin's previous church as well. An unfortunate coincidence, he claims. But Little Lamb Megan vouches for Calvin's whereabouts on the night of Norm's murder. So what's a Grimm to do? Why go to Monroe of course!

Monroe, being a reformed Blutbad himself, should be able to sniff out an imposter. Right? Enter Undercover Monroe, complete with hat and scruffy clothes. He gets himself taken in at the church and put up in a little room with a digital clock. A Digital Clock. Poor Monroe, he can barely stand it. However, he does take a moment to spy out that Rev. Calvin is kissing on Little Lamb Megan in the hall. Monroe's response: "Darwin would have a field day with this!" But guess what Hank discovers? A photo of Rev. Calvin's previous church. And Megan's in it too. Time to haul the lamb to the station. Turns out Megan was the wife of the guy accused of embezzling from the first church. She figures he did it because she was having an affair with Rev. Calvin. Megan trots home to tell Calvin all about it and we find that she knows everything. They have been stealing the money so they can go live on a tropical island. Together, forever.

Meanwhile we find that Captain Renard is having a curious flashback about kissing Juliette. Hmm. Interesting. I'm hoping for a love triangle. Please?! Also, Nick gets attacked by the Nuckelavee as he's leaving Aunt Marie's Trailer. Stupid Nuckelavee. One does not simply attack a Grimm in Aunt Marie's Trailer. The fool is, of course, dead now.

Back at the church bake sale, Megan comforts a crying flock member. The pregnant girl has been dumped by her boyfriend because he knows the baby isn't his. She tells Megan that Rev. Calvin is really the father. Megan is just a tiny little bit angry and tells the entire flock that Calvin stole the money and killed Norm. With their herd mentality firmly grasped they march into Rev. Calvin's office. Unfortunately, Calvin was in the middle of setting up Monroe to take the blame for Norm's murder when they are interrupted by the flock of very angry sheep. The Sheep stomp the Wolf to death. Poetic really. All 25 members of the congregation claim responsibility for killing Rev. Calvin, except for Megan and her little pregnant friend. They're on the beach, sipping virgin mai tai's.

The next episode of Grimm is "Over My Dead Body" airing on Friday, Oct. 5th at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.