Norm MacDonald brings paranormal to presidential debate

Norm MacDonald, courtesy Esquire
Sadly neither Pres. Obama or Gov. Romney spoke about their plans to battle zombies, preserve Bigfoot habitats or announce negotiations with aliens last night. But the paranormal, supernatural and horror worlds were regardless well represented at the presidential debates via a tweeting Norm MacDonald.

In a rather goofy string of tweets - that began yesterday at 2:16 a.m. and continued through the end of the debates - the comedian yucked it up with Laffy Taffy-worthy zingers (yeah, I used the z-word). The first ("The dracula with insomnia had to start drinking de-coffin-ated coffee") went on to include politically-tinged shout outs to vampires, werewolves, ghosts and even The Creature from the Black Lagoon from MacDonald and his followers.

Norm crafted gems like:

"I knew Wolfman, I worked with Wolfman, Senator you are no Wolfman": President Dracula
"Are you more evil than you were four years ago?": Senator Wolfman
"Would you please both answer the zombie question.": Jim Lehrer, Zombieman

While he retweeted these solid ones from fans:

"I would have liked more specifics on Romney's clean water policies." - Creature from the Black Lagoon, pundit
"I promise to bring more transparency to washington!" Invisible man
"Let me be clear" - President Invisible Man
"Mr President, I wasn't reanimated yesterday." Frankenstein Monster, Wall Street Journal.
"I would like Mr.Obama's views on whether flying brooms are clean energy transportation" Witch, Times Correspondent
"With respect to President Dracula, I don't think we should have in office a man who can't look himself in the mirror."
"I will stomp out corruption" President Big Foot
"listen, i'm the guy you want answering the phone at 3am. i mean, i'm already awake." president dracula
"This guy hasn't worked a DAY since he's been in office." Wolfman candidate about President Dracula
"Death is just the first step of my healthcare plan"-President Zombie
"We, as a country, need to work together in the spirit of bite-partisanship." - President Dracula
"Wolfman, you can change your car or your house. You can even change from a man into a wolf. But you can't change the truth!"
"Dr. Frankenstein may have created a monster. But, YOU have created a president." - Frankenstein's acceptance speech.
"47% of the American people don't even believe I exist, but I'll scare them straight" - Ghostly Presidential hopeful, Ghost
"unfortunately nominee Bigfoot could not be found on the campaign trail" -Associated Press
"Mr. President, how do you respond to allegations of missing livestock during your presidency?" - Wolfman Blitzer

Maybe Norm was just in the Halloween mood, or perhaps he is really trying to get the unexplained on the agenda!...but it's probably just the first part.

-Aaron Sagers