Paranormal Profile: Scott Gruenwald

Scott working the red carpet for
'Paranormal Paparazzi.' 
Editor's Note: In an effort to get to know some of the recognized and respected people within Paranormal Pop Culture, we're launching the frequent column "Paranormal Profile," which allows these folks the opportunity to introduce themselves to you, in their own words.

This week we'll introduce you to Scott Gruenwald, one of the reporters on Travel Channel's Paranormal Paparazzi airing Fridays, 7 p.m.

Comic books, tree forts, video games, hide and seek, action figures ... catching frogs? These may be things you would use to describe the average fifth grader, or myself. You see, I’m a player.

Hold on a minute.

When I say player, I mean I live to play - from the moment my Batman alarm clock wakes me up to when I rest my head at night in a fort made of couch cushions. I love life and playing keeps me young. When I was asked to do the Paranormal Paparazzi project I jumped at the opportunity. Well, I went home and asked my wife. With general concern, she asked about leaving my current job. When I told her how much money I'd be making (not much), she simply said, "bring extra socks." So, off I went on this whirlwind adventure, and what an amazing ride its been.

Now, kidding aside, I have been investigating the paranormal for decades. I have been to many haunts and seen many things. From the halls of Linda Vista Hospital to the crawlspaces of Wolfe Manor, my "hobby" has freaked me out at times. I’ve been grabbed, pushed, kissed, whispered to and, of course, been touched in my bathing suit area. (Not as pleasing as it sounds.)

Facing my fear of the dark, I spent the night in an asylum with only a candle, recorder and some snacks. That was the night that changed my life in the paranormal. To this day I have never recorded screams so loud that I actually had to cover my ears. I believe that, as humans, we control the path of communication. It is really up to us to figure it out.

Paranormal stimulus seems to be a working method for myself. Trigger objects ... cool; period clothing ... OK; nudity ... um sure. But the fact that we may be scary with our $10,000 blinky light thingies, swinging about? Not so much. I use things that everyone is familiar with: bell, compass, reading material (Note: all under $5) work perfect for my group. Try it; you will be surprised.

Some time back, I met Zak Bagans on the set of Ghost Adventures. He threw me a hug and said, "Doctor"? We became fast friends. He's a truly awesome dude that cares for everyone, and years later I was chosen to be on his Paranormal Challenge. Using dirty pantyhose I was able to contact something - not a ghost but a strange rash on my face. True story.

I still cant believe they cut out the pooping scene.

Part of our investigation wound up on a show called “The Soup” Finally the STU: a family-run horrible webshow we encourage people not to watch. They still do. This little train wreck of a show has become a staple for some loyal viewers we call ParaWhores.

As you might see me say in a teevee episode very soon... "That's Me."

And remember, I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it.