Stephen Colbert to appear in 'The Hobbit'?

Courtesy The Hollywood Reporter
As if Stephen Colbert weren't cool enough! If you're a fan of his Comedy Central satirical news show The Colbert Report, you're already aware (or not) that Colbert is a big fan of author J.R.R. Tolkien and Lord of the Rings. He can even read Elvish. Now that is talent and fandom at its best!

So, it's only natural that he make an appearance in one of the popular films, right?

Over at the Hollywood Reporter, they've confirmed Colbert will be making a cameo in one of the Hobbit trilogy films. His role is not yet certain and he will not be in the first installment, An Unexpected Journey, which comes out on Dec. 14

During a recent Playboy interview, Colbert states, "Peter Jackson invited me to the set last year."

"I flew out and watched them shoot some scenes and went to some locations. I saw a 25-minute cut, and it was amazing. Jackson knows I'm a big fan of the films." He teased the interviewer with a smile and a "Could be." when asked if he was involved.

The second film in the Hobbit trilogy, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is slated for release on Dec. 13, 2013 and the third film, The Hobbit: Here and Back Again is heading to theaters only seven months later on July 18, 2014.

A tip of the hat to fanboy Colbert for the cameo - and a wag of the finger for making the rest of us nerds jealous.