'Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs talk father, son relationship

The season three premiere of The Walking Dead showed a significant evolution of Andrew Lincoln's leader Rick Grimes, and his son Carl, played by Chandler Riggs. As Grimes said in the season two finale, the band of survivors of the zombie plague are not living in a democracy; eat and survive as a group by his rules, or risk being eaten on your own. This mentality is still in effect with the group moving quietly as a badass zombie-killing squad - and that includes Carl.

After spending the previous two seasons "in the house" with fans asking, "Where's Carl?" or, worse, demanding, "Kill Carl." But in the first five minutes of the premiere, we see a slightly older, shaggier Carl who has been turned into a boy soldier.

At New York Comic Con last weekend, the cast of The Walking Dead joined a select group of journalists to discuss the season. We'll be showing more of those interviews in the next few days, but the first is with Lincoln and Riggs, who discussed their characters' unique relationship with one another. The actors had a fun, easy rapport together as they chatted about the show.

Because he is a child actor, Riggs can only be on set 10 hours a day, while Lincoln revealed the rest of the cast has had to pull 18 and a half hour days. For that, Lincoln calls Riggs, "The most powerful person on set ... We have to work around his schedule." Lincoln is also incredibly complimentary about his young costar's acting ability (and jokes he had to train for years to get to Riggs' acting level).

Check out the video above and keep an eye out for more Walking Dead interviews.