'666 Park Avenue' recap: 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"

Jane flies over the cuckoo's nest. Courtesy ABC

After having a week off, this week’s episode of the (unfortunately) cancelled  666 Park Avenue, picks up with a distraught Henry passing out "Missing Person" fliers. Jane has been missing for 36 hours and Detective Cooper is on the case.

Jane Enters the Cuckoo’s Nest

Jane eventually shows up in a dream-like Times Square and an older female telepathically communicates, "You shouldn’t have come here." Magically, the dream fades and Jane is found confused and wandering in the real Times Square, screaming for her Henry.

Henry rushes to her side in the hospital where, at first, she looks a bit rough and is just staring into space. She perks up and cries when Henry embraces her. Detective Cooper informs Gavin that Jane has been found and he is much appreciative and will inform Olivia.

Physically, she is fine according to an MRI, but the doc says that she had a dissociative episode. Her brain is blocking a trauma. Jane needs to stay in the hospital for at least 48 hours but she feels that she will be able to remember what happened to her, post-descending the staircase, if she is at home. The rest of the episode is about her finding answers and remembering.

During a routine blood pressure check, Jane has a disturbing flash of memory and flips out. She is sedated and as she slips in and out of consciousness, she hears the nurse talk about Julian Waters. He had a similar experience and even mentions a spiral staircase.

Nona pays a visit to the hospital and encounters Detective Cooper. She doesn’t offer much useful info but does give him an envelope to give to Jane. It contains her grandmother’s necklace and pics of Jane as a child.

After talking to Jane about Julian Waters, Cooper gives Jane the envelope and gives him a BIG hug. Henry walks up on that hug and looks a tad concerned.Jane later starts to have more flashes of memory and is hell-bent on visiting this Julian guy.

She is able to slip into a secure wing for violent patients and learns from Julian that he didn’t go down the spiral staircase ... he went up. Ooohhh ...

When she pays him another visit, she finds bloody symbols in his room and him hanging. He opens his eyes and says, "You shouldn’t have come here." Clearly, Jane keeps going where she shouldn’t have.

She eventually gets out of the hospital and when back at the apartment, she finds evidence of Henry’s intended engagement. Then, Nona, appears and takes her to apartment 2D to find some answers. Oh look, the symbol that she found in Julian’s room in near the door! Based on the previews, Whoopi Goldberg has these answers.

The Shaw Redemption

Gavin is holding Victor Shaw as his prisoner, and despite the intimidation by his bully Kandinsky, Gavin is not getting the information he wants. He wants his red box back and is stopping at nothing.

Gavin reveals that he knows about Shaw’s father, Joseph, and that his dad abandoned Victor and his mother back in Germany. How sad. Well Shaw retaliates with some controversial family news about the suicide of Gavin’s daughter, Sasha. He tells Gavin that she did it because she was terrified of him. The blows are low tonight!

Gavin confronts Olivia and she confesses that yes, Sasha committed suicide and she knows this because of the note she left. Olivia didn’t tell Gavin about it because Sasha said horrible things about him and she was trying to protect Gavin from the pain.

So apparently, Gavin is a shape-shifter too? Sort of. He tricks Shaw into thinking he is his long-lost daddy and says that he has to give Gavin what he wants. Shaw says that he gave the red box to a priest where mom was buried. Shaw’s dad dissolves into a crumbling skeleton and Gavin appears knowing that the coveted box is at the St. Thomas Church.

Comically, he walks into the large church with a modern version of "Sympathy for the Devil" playing in the background. He enters a confessional and the priest somehow knew he may show up. He was also a little shocked that he could even enter a holy place. Apparently he gets the box back because he is later seen placing it back in its safe. He tells Kandinsky to finish off Shaw but they discover he is missing. This is thanks to Olivia.

Olivia had confronted Shaw about how he knew about her daughter’s suicide. He reveals that Sasha told him because she is still alive. Olivia is pissed. Shaw says that unless she lets him go so he could take her to where she is, she’ll always wonder if he was telling her the truth. It looks like she fell for his trick.

Not Very A-MUSE-ing

Louise is back from her job in Miami ... or is she? Gavin apparently sent her to rehab to get her off the pain killers she became addicted to after her elevator accident. Brian is remorseful and wishes that she didn’t have to go through it alone. Well, he did kind of imply that she was a cheating whore, so ...

Well it seems that things are going well with Brian and Louise despite all the troubles. Louise sees it as a way to make a fresh start in their marriage with no secrets. Awesome! Umm, Brian? Will you be confessing that you slept with her assistant, Alexis?

In an uncomfortable scene, Brian walks in on Alexis crying to Lou about the married man she is seeing and how she doesn’t even feel remorse because the wife is such a bitch. Brian drops his fruit.

Brian later confronts Alexis and yells at her that they are "DONE!" Alexis gets all Fatal Attraction on his sorry ass and tells him that he can’t fight fate and that, isn’t it interesting that his writing has improved since their sexual encounters? This becomes evident when, after a romp with his wife, he tries to write and he cannot.

He attacks Alexis begging for her to tell him what she did to him. "The universe wants us to be together," is her response and she points out that he is able to write when he is with her and is blocked when he is with his wife.

We see a tinge of remorse from Alexis when she pleads with Gavin that she is morally struggling with this Brian situation. She is indebted to Gavin for something and he informs her that, "We have to pay to play, my dear." What did she get? Besides a piece of Brian ...

Hopefully more answers will be revealed next week. Check out "Hypnos" next Sunday, Dec. 2, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.