'A Brain is for Eating': An educational book for zombie kids

Even zombie kids need fun and educational reading materials just like the living, right?

Well, the married writing team of Dan and Amelia Jacobs think so, and have crafted a fun little story about zombie kiddos finding their next meal. It's called, A Brain is For Eating and here is just a taste:

A brain is for eating
yes, that's what I said.

They come in all sizes
and hide in the "head."

The package is different
some big and some small.

Some packing has two brains
and some none at all.

There are packages in boxes
that move on fast wheels.

But find one not moving
and you'll have many meals

If the package is old and lying in bed
you may not have long to make it undead...

Not only does the book offer fun advice, but it has some really awesome illustrations by the gruesomely talented Scott Brundage.

Head on over to their Kickstarter page for more information, to pre-order and support this work. Check out the trailer below.

-Larissa Mrykalo