'Squatch Speaks' for love of Cousins Subs

McCoy with Squatch, courtesy QSR
Apparently, the search for the elusive hominid, Sasquatch, a.k.a. Bigfoot, is over. It’s all due to his love for subs, a.k.a. grinders, a.k.a. hoagies (depending on your geographical location).

Cousins Subs has a great campaign going that features a very cool and, dare I say, sexy Squatch. The 40-year-old sandwich business, started by two cousins and their wives in Milwaukee, Wis., has apparently enticed the Squatch out of hiding by bribing him with their delicious product.

In an interview with QSR restaurant trade magazine, Jim McCoy, Cousins’ vice president of marketing, "Sasquatch came out of nowhere and asked for a sub – just like that. It was really weird. But the camera was rolling and we recorded it, so we decided to put him in the commercial."

In the ads, Squatch is pretty affable, due to the subs calming down his beastly side. He talks about his artwork, relationship status and famous family members.

As Bigfoot Lunch Club points out, Bigfoot has previously been a pitchman (pitch-cryptid?) for Hyundai and Microsoft, as well as Diet Dr. Pepper and Jack Link's jerky. So why not subs? And this time, the big man has a lot more to say.

You can watch all of the amusing "Squatch Speaks" clips on YouTube and even use the hashtag #SquatchSpeaks on Twitter. All of the videos were Squatch-tacular but this one featuring the suave and sexy beast caught our eye:

-Larissa Mrykalo