'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Hounded'

Merle vs. Michonne. Courtesy AMC

Michonne left a message in body parts for anyone approaching Woodbury: "Go back." Great present for all of your loved ones: Bitergram. Michonne killed two of the Research Team members on the hunt for her (on orders from the Guv) and ended up getting shot by Merle. Thanks, Merle.


Has he completely lost his mind? Who was that woman on the phone? I find it strange that he had the urge to go on a zombie killing rampage and only briefly checked on his son. He’s as bad as Lori was at parenting. Carl doesn’t stand a chance. Neither does little Ass Kicker.

Hershel pops up and talks to Rick about his ghostly leg. Maybe that has something to do with Rick’s ghostly calls.

Rick reminds me of Jack Torrance - down to the glassy eyes and crazy face.

For all that is holy, please let these crazy phone calls stop. Rick is Jack Torrance! And yes, he is hallucinating since there’s no way that Amy, Jim, or Lori could possibly call him.


Always a pleasant guy to be around, he makes Cartjulio stab one of his former colleagues in the head to ensure that he doesn’t turn into a zombie. They go off to hunt Michonne since he shot her in the leg.

Unfortunately, Merle doesn’t give two shits about anyone but himself and his cause, so he shoots and kills Cartjulio when he refuses to leave Michonne alone. Also, it seems like Merle is almost afraid of how bad ass Michonne is.

Sorry guy, you were good while you lasted.

Merle lied to The Governor about the shenanigans out in the woods, but does admit that he has captured Glenn and Maggie.


Andrea decides to be a part of Woodbury’s finest and volunteer to watch the wall. On the plus side, with the addition of the running water, her hair looks fabulous.

Unfortunately, Andrea is not good about playing by the rules and goes over the wall. The Governor is not a fan of heroic Andrea and removes her wall-watching duty.

I am extremely grossed out by this budding relationship between The Governor and Andrea. As I have mentioned in previous reviews, they have both forgotten how to flirt. "How long has it been...(awkward chuckle) since you’ve had whiskey this good?"


You knew that kiss was going to happen. I certainly hope that The Governor closed the blinds before his dead daughter sees what’s happening out in the garden.

Well, that progressed quickly. I am not sure what I think about this sexual relationship between The Governor and Andrea other than a bit of repulsion. Not repulsed in the sense that they don’t look good naked - they do. I am grossed out because he’s such a creeper. I’d say that Andrea could do better, but I am not sure about that since the pickings are slim.

Glenn and Maggie

Michonne is stalking them out. As the Lord as my witness, if she kills one of them, I am going to be livid.

Well, disregard that because old racist ass Merle comes marching up on them. He inquires about his brother, but Michonne is still keeping back and watching everything that is going on. The problem with her only using the katana is that she can’t do any long-range killing.

And now they’re captured by Merle. Damnit, Merle.

Sinking My Teeth In

• Hershel’s eyebrows and ponytail are immaculate.
• Daryl’s childhood stories are heartwarming.
• The Governor’s garden is surprisingly luscious looking.
• Daryl looked a little excited when he discovered Carol’s knife, but he looked even
more pleased when he found Carol.
• By the looks of the previews for next week, Glenn and Maggie are going to be in a
doozie. I hate you, Merle.

The next episode of The Walking Dead, "When The Dead Come Knocking," airs Nov. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.