'666 Park Avenue': 'Hypnos'

Courtesy ABC

Well folks, this was the ninth and last episode of 666 Park Ave for 2012. Four more episodes remain of the cancelled series and we hope they provide us with all the answers that we crave. Tonight’s episode started to clear up some mysteries, featured an Oscar-winner who excels at channeling the spiritual plane, and we even caught a glimpse of Olivia and Gavin’s thought-to-be-dead daughter, Sasha.

Whoopi! It’s 1927!

Maris Elder (Whoopi Goldberg) is another mysterious resident of the Drake. At the end of last week’s episode, Nona took Jane to her symbol-laden door to meet her because she may hold the power to help Jane remember what she was doing during her dissociative episode.

With the help of some chamomile tea and "herb," the clinical psychologist and a kooky clock, Jane was able to regress her memory back to Oct. 28, 1927. Jane immediately runs into that dastardly Peter Kramer. It’s his daughter, Jocelyn’s, birthday party and Jane is referred to as "Libby Griffith" ... Jocelyn’s babysitter ... by the attendees.

Libby/Jane takes Jocelyn back to her apartment to to find her creepy little doll, Sally, and ends up overhearing Peter Kramer and a cohort talking about something diabolical.

Just think, after tonight, whatever we desire will be ours.

Libby/Jane remains hiding after Jocelyn reveals herself to the men, and ends up seeing Peter hiding his journal in the fireplace.

When Jane comes to, she questions why she "became" Libby Griffith and wants to know what the "bond" is between them. Maris tells her that is for her to discover. She does find out that Libby died the same night as the birthday party. She enlists the help of Detective Cooper to take on this task and some major flirtation occurs.

With the help of muscular Detective Cooper, Jane finds Peter Kramer’s journal and discovers the same codes and symbols that are outside Maris’s door. She takes the book to Maris and urges her to hypnotize her again. Back in 1927, Peter Kramer urges Libby/Jane to escape the Drake with Jocelyn. When that isn’t possible, they hide but Libby/Jane sacrifices herself figuratively and then, it turns out, literally. These nasty men need a blood sacrifice to appease the gifting demons they've apparently invoked, and Libby is the sacrificial lamb.

Jane wouldn’t be alive if her grandmother had been the one they sacrificed that night. She owes everything to Libby despite her family’s dark connection to the Drake.

Oh, and when Maris provides Gavin with this information about Jane, he lets her walk out of her apartment for the first time in 26 years ... and then she turns into a bunch of doves. Weird, right? Birds and the Drake ... perfectly strange together.

Regarding Henry

Henry is being super sweet and overly protective of Jane but when Gavin alerts him to a new counsel seat opening due to some "transgressions," Henry’s political dreams take over. Gavin has scored Henry a meeting with Phillip Perez (Raul Esparza), a political consultant who has agreed to back him.

Henry lets Jane know about the prospect and she’s thrilled and supportive and sends him on his merry way. Henry ends up bumping into Perez on the way to his meeting but Perez said that he has to cancel the meeting. Turns out that Perez got wind of Jane’s recent trip to the psych ward and that blemishes Henry’s record. He urges Henry to get rid of Jane and then they’ll talk.

Henry is obviously pissed that Jane’s confidential records were leaked. He enlists the help of PR chick, Laurel, and she digs up some dirt on Perez to the tune of $200k in dodged city taxes. When he confronts Perez with this incriminating information, Perez is stunned. Henry wants him to make Jane’s medical file to go away.

Perez is later seen with Gavin lauding Henry for having guts. Gavin takes care of Perez’s tax returns and reveals that an enemy of his must have leaked Jane’s info to keep Henry off the seat. Gavin just has his hands in every pot, doesn’t he? Why does he want Henry in a political position so damn badly?

Sasha is Fierce!

Gavin still wants red-box-stealing Victor Shaw dead and orders Kandinsky to finish the deed. But ... Olivia and Bellboy Tony have taken Victor Shaw to one of Gavin’s properties and threaten him into telling them where Sasha is "living." Olivia doesn’t believe that Shaw has a connection to Sasha, but he provides her with some personal details that finally convince her. Shaw calls and tells Sasha to come to the location where they are so an awkward family reunion can take place. Based on his voicemail message, they’re awfully close.

Shaw tries to escape and scuffles with Tony but Olivia points a gun and stops this right away. Olivia demands to call Sasha herself, and when she answers and hears her mom’s voice, she hangs up. Clearly, she wants no part of this reunion.

Finally, Olivia and Tony are taken to Sasha’s apartment. In a nearby car, Kandinsky prepares to assassinate Shaw. When Olivia enters Sasha’s apartment, she finds it empty and evidence that her daughter does not have a green thumb. A gunshot from the street takes her to the dying Shaw’s side and she pleads for information on her daughter’s whereabouts. He dies before she gets her answer.

In a modern-day homage to the late Larry Hagman ... who shot Shaw? We assume it was Kandinsky but the empty apartment and clear indication that Sasha wants to stay away from her parents and their evil ties, may hint that SHE shot him in an attempt to keep her identity a secret. She did fake her own suicide to save herself, right?

Based on the final scene, Gavin ends up finding his daughter in a bar. Is it her? How did he find her? Did the now-free Maris have something to do with this?

I can’t find any news on a date when the series will return. Due to the cancellation, writers worked to provide us with closure on the series. We’ll keep you posted on any news.