'Haven' recap: 'Burned'

Duke does planking - the other kind of planking.
Courtesy Syfy

This week, the Trouble, the Guard, and the Bolt Gun all sort of collided. We're quickly approaching the season finale, and Haven is pulling out all the stops!

Nathan and Audrey arrive at a homicide to find that the body has been burned, just like Rosalind (the one-legged lady from the inn). Audrey is concerned it's the work of the Bolt Gun Killer, but the coroner tells her that even if it is, it doesn't matter because Tommy's dead. She tells him to check for a bolt gun wound anyway. Nathan asks Audrey if she's okay, and she's not. She's worried because Tommy's body hasn't been found. She's also not sure he was the only Bolt Gun Killer. Guard member Grady used a bolt gun to kill the ATM girl, and Tommy was working with Grady. Of course, Grady ended up a crispy critter, too, so really, who knows what's going on? Nathan says that Jordan thinks Grady was set up, and that Tommy had nothing to do with the Guard, and that he believes her. Audrey is still very confused. She knows that 27 years ago she wrote herself a note to find her son. She just doesn't know why Tommy was after him, too.

Meanwhile, two grown men fling themselves from a speeding florist van. When Nathan and Audrey make it on scene, they're led by another officer to a little girl, Ginger Danvers, who was found alone and crying in the van's backseat. Her dad was one of the escapees, and she has no idea why he left or where he is now. Nathan notices that the van belongs to the Looking Glass Florist, and is used by the Guard to transport troubled people into Haven. The officers work out that the troubled person must have been the father, and that his trouble must have flared up in the van and been so horrible that it caused the driver to flee and made Dad want to abandon his daughter. That must be some trouble.

At the Station, Claire is trying way to hard to make the now-mute Ginger talk. She fails miserably, but Duke walks in and charms the adorable child into speaking and even smiling. He's just a big kid himself, so that's not a real surprise. The coroner comes in with his report, so Audrey and Claire leave Duke to babysit. Ginger tells Duke he looks like a pirate (and my husband cheered! He's been saying that since day one! He even calls Duke "The Pirate" when he can't remember his name).

At the Gun and Rose, Jordan is batting her lashes off at Nathan, but Nathan is strictly there on business. He needs to know what Ginger's dad's trouble is. Jordan says she'll look into it but doesn't know anything about him. He also asks if she found out anything about Audrey's imminent departure. She says that all she knows is that Audrey will leave, and she's sorry. Nathan heads out, and Jordan steps into the stock room where she and someone named Lance have a very heated discussion about how Jordan is telling Nathan too much, even though it appears that she's not telling him nearly everything she knows.

Back at the Station, the coroner tells Audrey (and a nearby Claire) that the body did have a bolt gun wound, and has been buried five to eight weeks. However, dental records prove that the decedent is none other than Tommy! Whomever they've been working with for the past several weeks hasn't been the real Tommy, because for the last month or so, Tommy's been "worm food". The coroner's not exactly a people person, methinks. Anyway, this is what I've been saying for a while now, and I'll admit, there was a little happy dance when that bit of info came out. Of course, that begs the question: if the real Tommy's dead, then who's been wearing his skin and how?

Duke and Ginger are bonding over their lack of family (her missing Dad, his estranged daughter), when Ginger asks for an ice cream. They're not supposed to leave, but Duke can't help himself. If the little lady wants Rocky Road, then the little lady will have Rocky Road. In fact, he's having that exact conversation with the less-than-helpful ice cream vendor when the little lady vanishes. The vendor hopes that the man who snatched Ginger was her dad, and Duke calls Nathan and Audrey. When they show up and can't believe he left the Station with her. Honestly, it doesn't look like Duke can believe he left the Station with her. Nathan and Audrey start to look for Ginger when Audrey tells Nathan about finding out that their dead body was Tommy #1, and Nathan joins the rest of us in wondering who Tommy #2 really was. Audrey shares her theory that it must have been some troubled person impersonating Tommy, killing people with a bolt gun, and hunting for her son. Nathan realizes that the Guard probably has something to do with this and heads in that direction, while Audrey continues the search for Ginger.

Somewhere else in Haven, Lance runs down the street carrying a screaming Ginger, 'cause that's not suspicious. She screams that she hates his guts, bites him and runs off. Lance stops in his tracks, declares that he hates his guts, and stabs himself in the stomach while a stunned Jordan looks on. Jordan rushes to him and Ginger gets away. Later, Nathan and Audrey somehow show up on the scene (did someone call them? Did they just stumble upon the body by luck?) and try to figure out what happened. Lance has the Guard's tattoo, so they know that he was a member. Ginger's stuffed bunny is nearby. Did Lance see Ginger and her father and try to stop them? Did Dad stab Lance? No. Audrey deduces that Lance stabbed himself, and starts to put two and two together. The trouble must be some kind of hypnosis. Two men jump out of a van, Duke can't help but buy Ginger ice cream, and a man stabs himself. Ginger has the trouble, and she can make people do whatever she wants. Audrey knows that Duke is looking for Ginger and calls to warn him, but it's too late. He's found Ginger, and she doesn't want him to talk to Audrey. She just wants to play. Duke tells her that he can't talk and that he needs to go play. Oh, dear.

At the Gray Gull, Duke and Ginger are playing Pirates, with Ginger dictating the action. The enemy pirates are coming, and he has to climb to the top of the building to defend her! Nathan and Audrey drive up just in time to watch Duke fall off the balcony. Audrey tells the little girl that she is hurting people and needs to stop, but Ginger says she didn't do anything and Duke is fine. Duke's not fine. While Nathan takes Duke to the hospital, Audrey sits down with Ginger to find out what she said to her father and the driver of the van. Long story short, Ginger's mother passed away, triggering Ginger's trouble. Ginger didn't realize that she was troubled, but her father did, and he decided to bring her to Haven because it would "be good for [her]". Ginger thought that her dad didn't love her anymore, because he was acting so strangely around her (probably out of fear of being sent to the cornfield), and in the van told him to leave her alone. So he did. Audrey explains to Ginger that she is special, and people do what she says. She says that Ginger's dad probably misses her very much. Ginger wants to know why he hasn't come for her, but Audrey can't really answer that. She can only say that sometimes people have to go away, whether they want to or not. Nathan arrives, happy that Duke no longer thinks he's an enemy pirate. He and Audrey decide that her trouble probably started because she felt abandoned when her mom died. They have to find Ginger's dad and prove to her that he really does love her, and maybe that will stop her trouble. Audrey asks Ginger to help her by telling her about the people she was being brought to see, like the person in the alley. Audrey means Lance, but Ginger asks which person in the alley? The man, or the woman with the black hair and "funny black gloves"? Jordan. Nathan looks ill.

At the Cemetery, Nathan meets with Jordan, who is still in heat. Nathan, however, is miffed. He tells her that he wants to speak with her casually before bringing her in for questioning. Why did she tell him that she knew nothing about Ginger when she clearly did? Jordan says that she cares about him, and that they're just looking for Ginger's father. If that's the case, then why was she working against Nathan and the other officers? They're trying to do the same thing. Plus, the girl is dangerous. She accidentally caused Lance's death. Jordan acknowledges that the Guard's plan hit a snag there. He tells her that he hopes that connecting Ginger with her father will stop the trouble, and Jordan says that's exactly why they're looking, too. He asks for her help and tells her that he needs to trust her. Where were the Danvers supposed to stay in Haven? Jordan says that Ginger has an uncle in town. Unfortunately, when Nathan meets with the uncle, he hasn't heard from Daddy Danvers.

At the Gray Gull, Ginger plays pirate games on a laptop, while Audrey takes a phone call on the porch. The coroner found some sort of rope fiber lodged in Dead Tommy's lungs. They're unusual and only found in a few specific factories, and these were inhaled shortly before death. Basically, find where the rope fiber came from and you find where Tommy died. While Audrey takes the call, Jordan slips in the back with the craziest eyes I've ever seen. Jordan tells Ginger that Audrey is a liar who only wants to put Ginger away. Jordan can take Ginger to her dad. Ginger is, rightly, suspicious, so Jordan just abducts the child. Audrey catches them running for Jordan's car, and asks what is wrong with Jordan. Nathan arrives in the middle of this altercation, and Jordan releases Ginger. Nathan arrests Jordan, and I get the feeling their relationship is over.

They go inside, and Duke is there. Audrey catches him up to speed while Nathan interrogates Jordan. He knows that the uncle was a decoy. Why does the Guard want Ginger? Is she bait for the father? Jordan remains mum, so Ginger steps up. People have to do what she says, right? She can make Jordan talk. The grownups are wary, but Duke feels it's worse for the kid to think her father abandoned her than to get involved in Guard stuff. He talks to Ginger and tells her that he's her friend, no matter what. Ginger asks where her father is. He's in a safe house. Nathan shouldn't bother going because the Guard members will shoot to kill. Why do they want Ginger? "In case Audrey Parker became difficult." Wow. This strikes a nerve with Nathan, so he tells Ginger to make Jordan answer his questions. She does, and Audrey asks Duke to take Ginger upstairs. She's been through enough, I think.

Nathan goes Bad Cop on Jordan, and reminds Jordan that Audrey's immune to the troubles. Ginger couldn't control Audrey. Jordan points out that Audrey might be immune, but Nathan isn't, and if the Guard had control over Nathan, then they'd also have control over Audrey. But Jordan really cares about Nathan!! So, the $64,000 question: Why do they want to control Audrey? To make sure Audrey goes in the barn. Lucy almost didn't, and the Guard wanted to make sure there was no issue this go around. You see, when Sarah/Lucy/Audrey goes into the barn, the troubles go away. Of course, Sarah/Lucy/Audrey also goes away, but that's not the Guard's problem. If Jordan had told Nathan this before, she knew he would have done anything to stop Audrey from going into the barn, and she was right. He will do whatever it takes, and so will Duke.

At the safehouse, Guard flunkie #1 answers his phone, and Ginger tells him to drop his gun and go to sleep, so he does. Nathan and Audrey barge in and find Daddy Danvers, whose first question is where is his daughter. He does love her! Audrey tells him that Ginger's fine, but troubled, and thinks that he doesn't care. Daddy Danvers is upset over that, and when Duke brings Ginger into meet her father, he tells her he loves her and that no one will ever take her away again. They hug, and it's beyond touching. Then Guard flunkie #2 breaks in and threatens to shoot Daddy if Ginger speaks. Ginger tries anyway, and her trouble doesn't work anymore. Seems that once she and Daddy were reunited, her trouble was deactivated. That's what the Guard was afraid of, and why they wanted to keep them apart. Nathan tells the flunkie that if he releases Ginger and Dad, that Nathan will release Jordan from jail. Flunkie finds that a fair trade, but tells Nathan they'll be watching him.

Outside the safehouse, Dad and Ginger decide to move elsewhere. Duke tells Ginger that he'll always be her friend. She wants Duke to come with them, but he can't. He's needed in Haven, but maybe he could visit. Ginger hopes he can bring his daughter.

At the Station, Audrey shows Claire that she's found the factory that created the rope fibers found in Tommy's lungs. Nathan releases Jordan, who calls him on still being in love with Audrey. They breakup, officially, and Audrey comes in to tell Nathan about the factory.

They drive to the factory, and on the way in, Audrey contemplates the merits of going in the barn. Nathan tells her that there has to be another way. Inside, they find your basic mad scientist's lair, with a lot of junk, tons of plastic sheeting, and several aquariums filled with goo. It's altogether lovely, and I'm now planning to remodel my living room to look just like it. One of the aquariums is still draining, so someone was just there. Another aquarium holds Tommy's skin. Yet another holds Grady's. That's why the bodies were burned. The Bolt Gun Killer doesn't want anyone to know they were skin. That's also why he uses a bolt gun; the wound is small. Nathan relates the tale of the skin walker, whom Native Americans believed could change their appearance. It's not a myth, it's a trouble. One aquarium is empty. The Bolt Gun Killer is wearing a new skin, and could be anyone. My husband is pretty sure it's Claire, and I'm inclined to agree.

In next week's episode, "Last Goodbyes," the Haven PD track down the Skin Walker, on Syfy, Dec. 7, 10 p.m. ET.