'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Made to Suffer'

The Governor holds re-dead Penny. Courtesy AMC

New people! It’s a group headed up by a guy named Tyreese, his sister, and three other people. One of the new girls, Donna, gets bitten by a walker, but they forage on with her in tow (against my advisement; they never listen to me!).


I am not really sure what is going on with her, but she seems blinded by The Governor. Even after she discovers the aquarium full of zombie heads and Penny (more on that in a bit), she still seems to be sticking around.

The Governor never really lets her be her badass self and usually assigns her menial tasks which are more suitable for a little lady. Nevertheless, she continues to stick around.

Glenn and Maggie

Those are some resilient jokers. Glenn McGrubers a weapon out of a zombie arm, so that Maggie can use it for self-defense. Glenn was worried (for good reason) that The Governor tried to molest Maggie, but she assures him that it didn’t happen. I think the thought of it is enough to fuel Glenn’s hate machine because he’s half-dead, but can still defend himself.

Luckily for them both, Rick and the gang are on the way to save them when Merle is planning on shooting them executioner style.


He’s pretty much straight tripping out. He gets his group into Woodbury with some help from Michonne, but he is very reluctant to get any assistance from her. Once they’re inside, he pulls out a bunch of smoke bombs and saves Glenn and Maggie. That seems to be the easy part because he’s still having hallucinations of Shane while he tries to escape the group from Woodbury. I knew he wasn’t mentally well.


Once Michonne snuck off from Rick’s group, she immediately goes to invade The Governor’s apartment. She discovers his secret creeper room, the aquarium full of zombie heads, and alas, she finds dear, sweet Penny.

The interaction between Michonne and Penny gives a glimpse into what Michonne must have been like before the zombie apocalypse. She seems heartfelt and loving when she removes the chain from around Penny’s neck, and she still seems pretty nice until she removes the hood from Penny’s head. GASP! Gross, what’s up with Penny’s teeth? Girl, you need a Sonicare.

Adios, Penny. Michonne stabs her through the head as The Governor pleads with her not to kill Penny. This sets The Governor off in a fit of rage which causes him attack Michonne. They tousle around, aquariums are broken, zombie heads are chomping around. They end up on the floor and a zombie is trying to bite her face off when she clutches at a piece of glass and stabs The Governor in the eye. Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark.

The Governor

Either it’s his lucky day or his unlucky day, but Andrea walks in which ultimately saves his ass. Michonne and Andrea face off, but Michonne decides to walk away which allows Andrea to see the aquariums and dear, sweet Penny.

The Governor goes to see the Woodbury nurse who tells him that his eye is pretty badly injured. I could be guessing about this, but I don’t think there’s any coming back from that injury. This whole time I was pondering how the image of The Governor from TWD comics didn’t really mesh up with The Governor in the show. I guess this makes him look a little closer like the book character.

He is pissy, and therefore takes his anger about Rick rescuing Glenn and Maggie, Michonne killing Penny, and Andrea’s nagging out on Merle. As all of the Woodbury residents circle up in the middle of Woodbury and silently lament the loss of the Governor’s eye, he turns them all against Merle and Darryl and mentions something about terrorists.


Now, if he doesn’t get out of this situation, I am going to be pissed. I feel like Norman Reedus is such an integral part of the show that they’re going to get him out of it somehow. Then again, we won’t find out until FEBRUARY. You read that correctly. FEBRUARY.


Carl is becoming such a man although he probably isn’t old enough to have hair on his chest yet. He and Amy hear noises, and despite Hershel’s urging for Carl to not investigate, he decides that he should do it because that is something that his dad would do.

He of course discovers Tyreese and company. He basically saves their asses, but decides to lock them in a cell block with food and water for safe keeping. That kid sure has gotten smart. He’s going to have to fight with Axel for Amy’s affections though.

Sinking My Teeth In

  • Let me mention again that we have to wait until February until episode eight. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO UNTIL THEN? Maybe I’ll do a series of character analyses or old episode recaps to hold us over.
  • Axel thought that Carol was a lesbian. Doesn’t he know that Daryl is her secret love?
  • I am not sure how I feel about Andrea anymore. If she doesn’t step in and help Daryl I am going to go nuts.
  • Is The Governor going to grow his hair out all gross and greasy like the character from The comics?