'MythBusters' to tackle zombies

Courtesy Discovery
For the first time ever (can you believe it?), the Discovery Channel’s geeky good show MythBusters will be doing an episode dedicated to one of our favorite monsters...ZOMBIES!

Movie myths have been tackled before on the show, for example, debunking situations from Jaws was a featured episode during "Shark Week". What myths will Jamie and Adam be attacking when it comes to zombies? EW.com reports that "one of the myths being tested is attempting to figure out which weapon is really best for killing a horde of the undead (perhaps put an end to all those crossbow vs. machete debates)."

This all sounds very cool, but they’re going to need to "zombies" on which to test these myths! Interested? Well, details were recently tweeted on their official Twitter page. Are you up for the challenge and the possibility of getting shot with a crossbow? We know you are.

The episode will be featured during their tenth season which begins this Spring.

-Larissa Mrykalo