The 'Top 12 for 2012' paranormal news stories


The paranormal world was active in 2012 as the unexplained topped the headlines of major media outlets several times. And with the Mayan apocalypse predictions out there, you might even say 2012 was (almost) the year to end all others. Evidence was purported, and sometimes the absence of evidence was the story. But to close out the year, here is my list of the Top 12 for 2012 paranormal stories for the Travel Channel.

Mayan Calendar Ends

It was an event 400 years in the making, or about one “baktun” cycle, in jaguar priest lingo. It seemed everyone was dancing the Apocalypso in 2012 leading up to the end of the nonrepeating Mayan long count calendar on Dec. 21. But the big day came and went without a big finale -- even though enough people were freaked out that NASA and other organizations sought to quell concerns. But a major solar flare didn’t crash the electrical grid, civilization didn’t collapse, there wasn’t a global spiritual awakening and the planet managed to turn for another day. So even though this was the biggest potential paranormal event of the year, you still have to pay off those Christmas gifts on your credit card.

Bigfoot DNA Discovery

Is Sasquatch a man or monkey? In late November, Texas veterinarian Melba Ketchum said he’s both, according to DNA she says proves the cryptid’s existence. A specialist in animal DNA testing, Ketchum began analyzing more than 100 samples collected by Bigfoot hunters about 5 years ago, and says the hairy guy is a “human hybrid.” Ketchum’s work is currently undergoing “peer review,” so the scientific community has not signed off on it.

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