'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Home'

Rick goes cray-cray in the bush before Guv shows

Rick and his hallucinations are a little played out. I feel as if that sucka really needs to get a good night’s rest. Michonne knows that he’s losing his mind when she sees him interacting with ghost Lori

The Governor says that he isn’t fit to lead the people of Woodbury, but Andrea is apparently an appropriate leader. I wouldn’t let the Governor lead a row of ants.

Michonne tells the prison group that the Governor had a bunch of walker and human heads in an aquarium. They seem disturbed by this, but I don’t know if I would be daunted considering that there are people running around all over the place eating each other. Maybe in another time and another place.

Glenn wants to bum rush the Governor and put a bullet in his head when he’s not expecting it. Hershel reminds him that the last time they went to Woodbury they surprised the Governor, and it didn’t end well. No doubt; I feel like Glenn has been sporting that black eye for months now.

The Governor leaves Woobury and lets Milton know that he’s not sure if he trusts Andrea. And finally for the first time since this show started, I see that Andrea has holes in her clothes. This whole time I thought she was a fashion model.

Maggie is shell-shocked by her encounter with the Governor, and she’s taking it out on Glenn. Poor Glenn. He has that black eye that won’t go away, and he’s never getting any nooky.

I cannot believe that Daryl decided to go out on his own with Merle: (1) His voice is annoying, (2) he’s an asshole and (3) he seems to have a terrible sense of direction. He does have those clever one liners, though: "Why don’t you piss in my ear and tell me it’s raining?"

I feel like Daryl might need to just go ahead and kill Merle. He’s proven himself as nothing but a ne’er-do-well. Daryl proves himself as a decent human being that goes to rescue a family in need, but Merle tries to pilfer and pillage the poor family after they save them. Yes, Merle is a simple-minded piece of crap. Now it has come to light that Daryl and Merle’s father was abusive. Maybe that’s why Merle is such a psycho.

Hershel thinks that Glenn is being reckless so he goes to get Rick for help. Ummmm, Hershel, didn’t you see Rick out there making out with/dancing with the air? I am not sure that I would ask him for help. I think Little Asskicker might be more fit to lead a group of people than Rick. Hell, you could always just ask Ty (who will definitely be showing back up!).

Of course Rick ends up being a selfish prick as he usually does. The Governor shows up and shoots and kills Axel. Bye Axel, we enjoyed you for those few episodes that you were in. I feel bad for Carol because at this rate, she’s never going to get laid. First her abusive husband gets killed, then Daryl peaces out. And now the whole Axel thing.

The Governor wreaks havoc on the prison. I’m not sure who drove the truck full of walkers into the prison. We had a lot of speculation of what was actually in the truck. I thought it was people from Woodbury. A friend of mine said walkers. He was right, obviously. Some Walking Dead "analyst" I am.

And Daryl comes to the rescue! Horray! And Merle too ... surprisingly.

Sinking my teeth in:

  • Michonne is bad ass with her katana, but she’s a wreck when it comes to using a gun. Yikes.
  • Who was that person that got out of the bread truck at the prison? Whoever it was had a smaller body frame like a woman. I was a little scared that it was Andrea, but I don’t think so. Perhaps the Governor wanted them to think it was Andrea so they would not be receptive to her when she finally does come up.
  • I really hope that Daryl will give Carol a little loving. Every time Carol gets that glimmer in her eye, she ends up getting shot down. Ohhh, too soon?
  • Carl was mostly absent from this episode. I can’t say that I am sad about it, but he’s been much less of a shit lately. Now Rick is the one that grates my nerves.
  • Will Glenn’s black eye ever heal?
  • Actress Sarah Wayne Callies must be having an easy work day showing up as Lori's ghost/Rick's hallucination. No blood or guts, just hanging out in the grass.
  • The Governor really seemed to be enjoying attacking the prison. Has he officially gone full psycho now?
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