'Face Off' recap: 'Mummy Mayhem'

What got House booted from the
house? Courtesy Syfy

Sorry for the lack of a Face Off recap last week, I was actually in Hollywood seeing if I could get any insight into Season Five (a.k.a. on vacation). I was sad to see that Meagan and Eric Z. were sent packing, but with a surprise double elimination, every head is on the chopping block. Kudos to the uber-talented, Anthony who was the winner of the bio-luminescence challenge.

Tonight’s challenge comes on the heels of the world premiere of the remake of Evil Dead which opens in theaters on April 5. The Fab Five Bros head to the Egyptian Theater where McKenzie Westmore explain the details of the Spotlight Challenge.

They are to create an Evil Dead-inspired Egyptian god mummy that has risen after years of decay. Each artist chooses a god: god of the Dead, Anubis (Anthony); Moon god, Thoth (House); god of Life and Creation, Khunum (Kris); Sun god, Ra (Eric); and, Crocodile god, Sobek (Wayne). They were then treated to a video message from Groovy Bruce himself, who advised them to adhere to the more serious tone of the remake and make their character "haunting, creepy and scary"...and be "original." After 30 minutes of inspiration and sketching, they headed to the lab.

Lab Work
One observation that I had now that there are only five remaining contestants, is the camaraderie, empathy, and team work these men displayed. They’ve been through a lot together and hearing Eric talk about missing his family and House providing him with the needed support and motivation, really showed that these guys are not only talented, but decent men.

It was pointed out just how nit-picky the judges would be based on the level of talent left in the competition. There was a lot of stress and issues with time management. The molding phase on Day Two really seemed to be an issue but with a little help and determination, they all pulled through.

When advisor, Michael Westmore (a history major), did his walk-through on Day Two, his biggest advice to all of them was to manage their time wisely. This need was evidenced on the third day when it became quite frantic (as usual). Wayne seemed to have the least confidence and struggled with applying his croc mask to the model. Even though he was falling behind on painting, Anthony seemed comfortable with his final creation. Another observation is that the least confident artists seem to come out on top and vice versa...this was the case tonight.

I was a bit disappointed that there was no guest judge for this challenge. Sam Raimi or Bruce Campbell would have been nice to see on the panel, agreed? Regardless, Glenn thought all five final products were "great" and he deemed it one of his favorite challenges. A happy Glenn is always a good thing.

After getting a closer look at the mummies, the top and bottom looks were chosen. Top looks were: Wayne’s croc god for his fabulous sculpt, complete look and overall impressive work; Kris’ god of Life with the ram’s head, for it’s realistic palette of colors and overall camera-ready appearance; and, Eric’s Sun god that looked like it could easily fight in the Army of Darkness.

Bottom looks were: Anthony’s Anubis that had not only a bad paint job but also bad proportions; and, House’s scribe mummy with the hieroglyphics on its chest, who’s gold paint job and bulkiness presented way too many issues for the judges.

Tonight’s winner was Kris, who exceptionally handled all of the challenge’s components. Kris was thrilled with Neville’s “camera-ready” description of his mummy. Sadly, House is no longer in the house. His mummy just had too many problems to overlook but he vowed that he has many more things to create.

It was a great challenge and a tough one to judge. Are you in agreement with the selections? Next week the final four will visit the set of the new Syfy series (premieres April 15), Defiance to create some original aliens.

Check out the Face Off  "Alien Apocalypse" episode next Tuesday on Syfy at 9 p.m. ET.