'Once Upon A Time' spin-off casting news

Lowe and Gadiot. Courtesy THR
Fans of ABC’s Once Upon a Time may have heard news about an Alice in Wonderland-themed spin-off
and will be happy to know that it looks like it's a go.

The project, which will take place in a pre-cursed Wonderland, is headed by Once creators/executive producers, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who are writing the pilot. Not only is Once: Wonderland happening, but it has already cast its Alice, her love interest and Knave of Hearts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Australian actress, Sophie Lowe has been cast in the role of Alice. Alice’s character is described as "young but having lived a hard and long life and carrying those scars on her psyche. Underneath it all, she has a generous heart that she tries to keep hidden."

Meanwhile, Cyrus, her love interest with a mysterious background, will be played by newcomer Peter Gadiot. Michael Socha ("Tom" from the British version of Being Human) was also cast and will be playing the Knave of Hearts.

A teaser is scheduled to be shot in April and if well-received, it will move to pilot and be shot in late July or August. We’ll keep you posted on any more details about when the show will air.

-Larissa Mrykalo


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the details Larissa! I'm actually very excited for this show, and I'm glad to hear that Michael Socha will be joining the cast! I enjoy watching him, so I'm curious to see how he fares on this new show. Thankfully it'll be easy to find out and watch with my phone, since my busy schedule at DISH makes it hard to watch live TV these days. Now I can use my DISH Anywhere app to watch all of my shows from home anywhere I go, so luckily watching this new series live in my office will be easy in the future (if it does get picked up); I can't wait!