'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Clear'

Lennie James isn't 'Clear'-headed. Courtesy AMC

This week on The Walking Dead...

I can’t believe that Rick let Michonne drive. Maybe he’s relinquishing some of his insane control issues. I can’t decide if they’re being heartless or if they’re going to go back for that guy who was begging for help on the side of the road. Nope, they’re going to get bogged down instead and kill a bunch of walkers. The guy eventually almost catches up to them -- and they definitely saw him, but they duck out. It’s a cruel zombie-ridden world out there.

Rick takes Michonne to his old stomping grounds to scavenge for supplies. I still can’t decide who has the bigger balls -- Michonne or Rick. There’s a dude hanging out on the roof. I don’t know why they weren’t more tipped off by the giant booby trap that encompassed most of the town. Carl pops up out of nowhere and bam! Shoots the guy.

Holy toledo. It is Morgan, the guy from the Season 1 opener. I didn’t think we’d ever see that guy (alive) again. Since Rick does have a little bit of a heart, he doesn’t leave the dude knocked out on the street. He goes back to his dwellings and sees that he has quite the arsenal.

After Rick sees the walkie-talkie, he has a twinge of humanity, and then notices that there’s a sentence written on the wall, “Duane turned.” That really makes him feel sentimental and he decides to wait for him to wake up.

Carl wants to go for a run for the baby, and Michonne goes with him. Rick is being a little dumb and stays to wait on his long lost friend to wake up. Since Carl is a sneaky little bastard, he tries to lose Michonne.

In the meantime, Morgan wakes up and tries to kill Rick. He thinks Rick is a dead person wearing his face. He might be a little delusional, but then again, if I was locked up by myself for the past nine or so months with only a pigeon, a rat and zombies to keep me company, I might have lost my frame of reference for acceptable behavior as well.

Rick finally sparks Morgan’s memory with the walkie talkie. Blah, blah, blah we kept getting pushed farther back into the country. And we lived happily ever after. Well until his son lacked the common sense to shoot his zombified mom when he had a chance ... of course, neither did Morgan in the series premiere.

Anyhoo, Duane got taken out of this world by the woman who brought him into it. Irony! Now Morgan remembers that Rick gave him the gun to kill the zombie wife, but he didn’t have the balls to do it. Well, I mean it’s not Rick’s fault. There’s no need in going all passive- aggressive psycho on him and telling him that his kid is going to die. Morgan has no concept of social mores. All I can think about is what kind of shenanigans Carl is going to get himself into...
Michonne: Bad ass with questionable interior design sense.
Courtesy AMC

Well, of course Carl wants to go into the local eatery to retrieve the only picture of his family. Morgan had a novel idea of putting rodents in cages to lure the walkers away from the living.

Wherever Carl goes, chaos is sure to follow. The rat escapes, and they almost get killed by walkers. Luckily, Michonne is a magician, and goes inside the eatery to retrieve the photo and a decorative cat statue.

 Rick is unable to get Morgan to come back to the prison with him because he can’t go through losing more people. I’d like to believe that he doesn’t want to go with Rick because he thinks Rick is annoying.

Hel-lo Carl, that’s a playpen, not a crib. Get it together! And let’s not drop Michonne’s cat in the process. Um, did Michonne say dead boyfriend? Hell, I thought that she was a lesbian this whole time. So the dude that they didn’t save ended up getting mauled by zombies, but don’t worry, they stopped and picked up his backpack.

Sinking my teeth in:
  • Has anyone watched the B&W episodes on Thursday nights? Do you feel like it makes a difference?
  • Damn, that was an emotional scene by Lennie James playing Morgan.
  • Michonne was downright talkative and sentimental this week. 
  • Did anyone miss the rest of Team Prison or Team Woodbury? I didn't. It was a welcome break from the rest of the crew and their baggage. I enjoy the episodes where they really focus in on a couple of characters. I’ll be rejuvenated for the whole gang next week. Even the Governor. Okay, maybe not the Governor.
  • I really hope that Glenn’s eye is healed up next week.
  • I can’t believe how heartless Rick, Michonne and Carl were by leaving that guy.