Vice Merchants adds spice to linens

Vice at New York Comic-Con, courtesy Vice
We often limit our product reviews to toys and gadgets that fuel our geeky desires, so we thought we’d branch out to another desirable place, like, the bedroom. We’ve found a merchant that will dress up your beds in a way that would make Sookie Stackhouse and Tyrion Lannister blush in a good way.

They’re appropriately called Vice Merchants (with NSFW designs) and they offer some fun and sexy ways to spice up and accessorize with complete bedding sets, duvet covers, throw pillows and even scarves.

From their site:

Vice Merchants is a lifestyle brand that specializes in fine bedding and rebelliously luxe lifestyle products. All of which boast strikingly edgy, richly hued graphics created by a skillful team of illustrators.

Their products are available online or at stores in Florida, Texas, New York and even as far as South Africa.  They have also been building up a nice press rep from sites we dig like io9.

But, why are we so interested in this here at PPC? They have mermaids! on one of their top selling sets called "Pearl Divers" and even what appears to be fairies on "Poppy Playground". Or, are they just nude women frolicking in a garden? Hmmm...

Regardless, these aren’t the Batman or Wonder Woman sheets you had as a kid. It is time to grow up in a very nerdy, naughty way. Obviously if you have impressionable youngsters around, these might not work for you.

-Larissa Mrykalo