'Falling Skies' promises more tech, dark questions for Season Three

Courtesy TIBS
Our friends over at Three if By Space recently scored an exclusive interview with Falling Skies Executive Producer, Remi Aubuchon. The third season’s two-hour premiere airs on June 9 and Aubuchon promises not only a huge season but spilled some juicy secrets.

When asked about the core of Season Three, Aubuchon revealed the theme will be, "what are we willing to sacrifice in order to win." Additionally, he added that "...all our characters will be touched by this theme, and their resolve to take back their planet for humans by humans will be tested to the very edge."

Regarding the desire for more alien tech, he promises surprises and that "even the Rebel Skitters have some heretofore unknown technological tricks up their sleeves." And what about the seven-month gap between seasons two and three? Flashbacks seems necessary but will not be used in Season Three. Instead of picking up from the last frame of the last episode of the season, viewers will need to catch up with events via character interaction.

Expanded character development, including learning more about the aliens, is guaranteed but don’t expect to learn everything. Also, “...more will be revealed about not only spiked kids like Ben, but also the fate of those children still harnessed.”

To hear more details from the interview, head over to the Three if By Space podcast -- which included Paranormal Pop Culture editor Aaron Sagers as a guest this week. And don't miss the Season Three trailer embedded below.

-Larissa Mrykalo