Karen Gillan becomes zombie companion for 'Nerdist' makeup

Zombie Pond, courtesy BBC America
Last Saturday’s episode of BBC America’s The Nerdist was just plain awesome. Guests included creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman and birthday boy Michael Rooker. They played Walking Dead Mad Libs, discussed the show and comic books, joked around ...it was magical.

Then there were the mock ads starring the beauty who played Doctor’s former companion Amy Pond. Karen Gillan is a stunning woman and even as a zombie, she wants to look her best. She promoted the new cosmetics line "z’Ombeal" which includes face make-up to give you that lovely LIVE look your skin once had, and hair care to give you that shine and keep it from falling out. The ads were hilarious and had her feasting on many of her handlers. You can see her skin care ad here.

It’s nice to know that we gals can still look our best during the zombie apocalypse!