New Bigfoot docs stomp onto scene

Will this be the summer of Bigfoot? Unlikely that the Squatch will dominate over Tony Stark and Iron Man 3 but there will be two new films available in the next few months that involve historical reports about the Notorious B.I.G.(foot).

The first is Raw Footage Films' Mountain Devil: The Search for Frank Peterson, the story of a man who claims to have had ongoing encounters with Bigfoot while owning a cabin in Pennsylvania. His name and location has been changed, but the story is based on his alleged interactions with the beast.

The film, currently in post-production, also documents the involvement of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (including Paranormal Pop Culture supporter and friend) Eric Altman, along with David Rupert, Ron Gallucci and David P. Dragosin. It will also feature interviews from other independent researchers in Pennsylvania such as Stan Gordon, Dwayne Pintoff, Denny C and others who have researched Bigfoot in Pennsylvania. The film is scheduled to be released this year and will be available for purchase online.

The next is a documentary due out this August from Reality Entertainment. American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America was written and directed by J. Michael Long and investigates the history and research (including audio and video evidence and DNA tests) associated with Bigfoot. According to the synopsis, the doc delves "into the psyche of several Sasquatch Hunters and learn what they do and don't believe. From theories to known facts, today's Sasquatch Hunters are closing in on the elusive creature who may hold the key to our own evolution."

Bigfoot researchers involved with the film include: Eric Altman, Tim Cassidy, David P. Dragosin, Stan Gordon, Steve Kulls, Billy Willard, Rick Tullos and Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum.

Check out both trailers embedded below, and let us know if you catch these docs. In fact, let us know if you catch Bigfoot as well.