Brian Cano of 'Haunted Collector' talks about tonight's Orson Welles case

In tonight's episode of Syfy's Haunted Collector, the paranormal investigative team led by John Zaffis heads to California for a ghost hunt at the Hollywood Hills home where director Orson Welles once lived -- and where some say his ghost remains. We teased the episode last week, with details about the supposed paranormal activity taking place in the home. But now we can offer you a clip from the adventure.

For his part, Haunted Collector Tech Specialist Brian J. Cano said, going into this case, that, "Given the immensity of Welles' impact with his famous 'War of the Worlds' broadcast, I was hoping he'd still have that flair for the dramatic and speak to us via the radio."

He also slyly jokes that it would have been ironic if Rosebud the sled was the item causing activity in the home but that, in all seriousness, "we could not be prepared for what we did find."

But whatever occurred in the investigation, it was a special one for cinephile Cano because history and pop culture collided for him on this episode.

"We were literally writing ourselves into it as we went along."

So what happens on tonight's Haunted Collector, which also finds the team investigating the Fallon Hotel in Columbia, Calif., where spirits are said to target women? Watch the clip below (after the jump) and tune in to the show tonight at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

-Aaron Sagers