'Doctor' David Tennant to return to American TV in 'Broadchurch'

Darvill, Colman, Tennant have murder on their minds
Courtesy BBC
If you're a fellow Stateside Whovian who simply canNOT wait until November for David Tennant to return to your television screen, fret no more. Because the Doctor will be in sooner than you think.

Tennant will appear in the critically-acclaimed mini-series Broadchurch, coming to BBC America this August. Starring as "by the book" detective Alec Hardy, Tennant's fish-out-of-water character tries to solve the murder of a little boy in a small English coastal town, along with the help of Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman). And, much like Twin Peaks, the residents all seem to have something to hide. Arthur Darvill, best known as the 11th Doctor co-companion Rory Williams, also appears as Rev. Paul Coates.

While they aren't playing the 10th Doctor or "Mr. Pond," viewers can expect stellar performances from the whole cast along with the compelling, enthralling and twisty-wisty storylines we're used to seeing from Doctor Who. The series already aired across the pond (different pond), but a second season has already been ordered. So if we 'Mericans like it, we'll see more as well.

Tune in to BBCAmerica on Aug. 7 at 10 p.m. to catch the premiere.

-Nowal Massari