Exclusive: Grant Wilson of Rather Dashing Games, 'Ghost Hunters' signed to Parafest 2013

It looks like Grant Wilson is about to play the con game.

Following my interview about his new Dwarven Miner Kickstarter campaign, the Rather Dashing Games vice-president, and former co-lead on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, reached out exclusively to Paranormal Pop Culture to announce he has signed to appear at the Parafest 2013 horror, paranormal and pop-culture event.

Held at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, Penn., on Sept. 6-8, Wilson – who dramatically reduced his event appearances in the last few years -- joins an impressive guest list that includes cast members from The Walking Dead, True Blood and Supernatural, along with an array of other well-known movie and TV personalities. (Disclaimer: Coincidentally, I’ll also be there in the capacity of host.)

Wilson will be appearing to promote his work in paranormal reality-TV as well as Rather Dashing, the roleplay and strategy tabletop game company he founded with Michael Richie in 2010. Though his Parafest programming is still being set up, he tells me he will be chatting about his eight years on Ghost Hunters, but also participating in gaming tournaments for convention attendees and might even pull together some other gamer celebs for the fun.

“I’m stoked because Parafest is a unique kind of con,” said Wilson, “It isn’t strictly paranormal in nature, but also inviting to pop-culture, comic and gaming geeks like me.”

Wilson added that Parafest also allows fans to “pick up, feel, experience and play with” the products he’s been so dedicated to since before he retired from Ghost Hunters last year.

“It’s cool because if someone wants to show up and chat about Ghost Hunters, we can, and if someone wants to show up and only talk about games, we can do that, too,” he said. “But I’m confident both those groups will merge together at Parafest, and that’s really sweet.”

-Aaron Sagers