'Grimm' recap: 'The Waking Dead'

Rosalee is a Foxy Lady, courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: "Papa Ghede is a handsome fellow in his hat and coat of black. Papa Ghede is going to the palace! He'll eat and drink when he gets back!"

Last week Juliette finally came to her senses, we met a little blue fairy and Nick almost got some obsessive lovin'. This week, Juliette gets Woged, Portland gets zombies and we meet a human-sized puffer fish. Looks like Mardi Gras is in Portland this year.

In Vienna, Adalind continues to work her wily ways on the Evil Prince Eric while plotting to sell her baby. Oh well, the Queen of the Gypsies shows up and slaps a contract down. It looks like little Adalind can get her powers back, but she refuses to reveal the terms of the contract. Adalind, being an evil lawyer, refuses to sign until she knows what it says. At this, the woman slams Adalind's hand down on the paper and after some screaming a bloody hand print is left on the contract and the woman departs. I'm not sure Adalind really thought this plan through all the way.

Back in Portland, Sgt. Wu gets called to a domestic disturbance. As he drives up we see a Wesen in full Woge rampaging through the house and a dead woman on the floor. He puts his human face back on just as they enter the house, but he seems strangely pale. Of course, he attacks Wu and his partner as they enter the house and they shoot him. As they look down at the corpse, his eyes are all bloody and green ooze drips from his nose. Zombie, anyone?

Hank and Nick get called in and after surveying the scene they all head back to the station. Outside, an old black man in a top hat is mumbling to himself on the sidewalk amongst the onlookers. After digging a bit, the guys find out that the dead Wesen is named Richard. The best part is when they find he died three days ago.

Well, it has to be a mistake right? So the boys head off to the hospital morgue to check it out. Shockingly, the morgue guy can't find the body they're looking for. As they are receiving this revelation, the M.E. is about to start her examination of the dead woman found in the house, but she sits up on the table with bloody eyes. She eventually ends up in the ICU at the hospital, where Mr. Top Hat pays her a visit. By the time Nick gets there, she's gone. Luckily for them there's video of Mr. Top Hat wheeling her out of the hospital. A trip to the Trailer reveals him to be an overgrown puffer fish that spits zombie making juice on people. Oh, the power of voodoo. This little Cracher-Mortel has some big plans, because he hijacks a whole busload of folks and zombifies them. He's getting ready for one hell of a party.

So, what has Juliette been up to, I wonder? Well, she's not done asking Monroe for favors. She shows up at his house and wants him to show her whatever Nick brought her over to see the night she went into a coma.

Only Bud is there too and freaks out when Monroe tells him she wants to see a Woge. He desperately tries to get out of it by telling Monroe that he should take her to The Spice Shop where Rosalee can help her if she passes out or something. Bud's concern is quite touching and just a little bit cowardly. Monroe agrees but makes Bud come with them. Rosalee agrees to the show while Bud thinks that Juliette should sit down, maybe with a blanket. Rosalee goes first, apparently thinking Monroe's Blutbad might be a bit much for Juliette to handle.

Juliette handles it well; she runs out of the shop.

While the Wesen are busy panicking though, she comes back for more. Now it's Bud's turn. She finds his panic amusing. After handling the fox, and the beaver, she decides she can handle whatever Monroe turns out to be. He only very briefly puts on his Blutbad face. I mean really, she couldn't have got a very good look. Anyway, she seems alarmed, but ultimately decides that she just needs a drink.

Do you remember Frau Pech, the old Hexenbiest that was helping Adalind find out what the royal fetus was worth? Well, she decides she doesn't like getting cut out of the royal baby deal and hits up Prince Eric's henchman for a meeting. This particular henchman happens to be Renard's contact so before he informs Eric, he calls Renard and they decide to also make an offer for the baby.

Unbeknownst to them all, Eric has his own plan afoot. Guess who's come to Portland? Why it's Evil Prince Eric! As he gets off his private jet he gives his dear brother a call and they decide to meet the next day. Renard immediately calls up his compatriot and sets him to find out why Eric is in Portland. The poor guy doesn't find much except some passports and death certificates.

As Eric looks out his hotel window denigrating Portland's lack of culture a knock comes on the door. Our creepy zombie maker walks in and they chuckle happily at each other. Oh, this can't be good, but of course they are saving the end for the finale next week. Don't miss it! It looks like Juliette might join the team; if the zombies don't get her first.

The next episode of Grimm, "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm" airs Tuesday May 21 at 10 PM ET on NBC.