Neil Gaiman on writing a scarier Cyberman in 'Doctor Who'


Neil Gaiman doesn’t have time for Doctor Who. The first episode the acclaimed writer penned for the series, 2011’s “The Doctor’s Wife,” won Hugo and Bradbury awards and has become a fan favorite. But it also took Gaiman more than a year to complete, but showrunner Steven Moffat says that’s precisely what makes him perfect for the job.

“I’m looking for people too busy to do it but do it anyway,” said Moffat in a phone interview. He further joked the perfect “Who” scribe are “people who have been waiting all their life to have a shot at the TARDIS, and will screw up their career and family life for a couple of months to get it done.”

While the ramifications on his career and family are likely minimal for Gaiman, he acknowledges that the return to “Who” was a time demand, which is somewhat ironic for a show revolving around manipulating that very concept.

Yet Gaiman has returned to the season’s penultimate episode, a Cybermen spectactular titled “Nightmare in Silver,” which airs tomorrow at 8 p.m. EDT on BBC America.

Set on a creepy, dilapidated amusement park planet, the Doctor’s old foes return with some interesting...

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