Daring rooftop 'World War Z' clip make it worth a $50 ticket

It’s been a long, expensive road, but this weekend we finally get to see the end product when Brad Pitt’s World War Z finally swarms theaters. A newly released extended clip shows Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane trying to get his terrified family to safety.

The daring rooftop escape clip is thanks to Paramount Pictures attempting to boost its box office numbers and get back the almost $200 million budget it took to bring this film to fruition.

Check out the official clip (embedded below)

What do you think of this other way to recoup the cost to make this flick? Would you pay $50 to see WWZ before everyone else?

Yahoo! Movies is reporting that “A limited number of ‘mega tickets’ have been devised for mega fans. Early screenings of World War Z will be held in five cities (San Diego, Philadelphia, LA, Atlanta and Houston) on June 19, two days before the movie opens wide.”

The ticket also includes viewing the screening in RealD 3D complete with a small bag of popcorn. You'll also receive a pair of special collectible custom 3D glasses and a full-size copy of a limited edition World War Z poster. Plus, and this may be worth it, you’ll get an HD digital download of the film when it’s released for home viewing.

Yahoo! Movies also reports that this may pave the way for other films: “The mega ticket screenings are the first of their kind, according to Paramount, suggesting that if enough people are willing to part with half a Benjamin for the privilege of seeing World War Z a few days early — and get some goodies thrown in — this could become a regular part of the launch cycle for event movies.”

Would you be willing to pay up? Are you excited to see World War Z, or will you be waiting until you could watch it in the safety and comfort of your home?

-Larissa Mrykalo