Do 'Amazing Spider-Man' set pics seal Gwen Stacy's fate?

Will they or won't they kill Gwen Stacy off in the upcoming sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is the heated debate today all over the Web (get it?) after new images from the set were released earlier today.

Fans of the comic book and Spideyverse have been anticipating this since the announcement of the sequel, and some fans have been expecting it since the release of The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012.

Minor spoiler but it is pretty common pop culture knowledge that Gwen Stacy
dies during a fight between her web-slinging love and his nemesis the Green Goblin. However, we all know that Hollywood likes to take certain liberties when it comes to putting anything with a loyal fanbase onto the silver screen.

Fueling these will they/won't they rumors even further are new images from the set, in which Emma Stone (Stacy) is wearing an outfit that is nearly identical to the one worn when she dies in the comic (aptly referred to as "The Night Gwen Stacy Died.") Stone has stated her excitement of exploring the possibility of killing off her character and said in a 2012 interview with IGN:
"I think her death is a hugely important part of her story and of this incarnation of Spider-Man [...] I think it's a really important element to her character. I mean, she, as fans know, is kind of most famous for how she departs. So that's a weird thing to play, knowing about such an iconic part of her existence."
While director, Marc Webb,publicly stated to Huffington Post in 2012 that he is a huge fan huge fan of the Gwen Stacy story arc, he is not giving away any information as to the fate of Peter Parker's love in this film.The introduction of character Mary Jane Watson (Shailene Woodley) seems to speak for itself though. So the question remains, will we be saying goodbye to the lovely Emma Stone after the films release in spring of 2014? We'll just have to stick it out and wait!

-Nowal Massari