'Falling Skies' takes over Facebook with awesome video teases

Social media is a great source for many things. You can discover breaking news, learn that your friend from high school you haven’t talked to in five years is pregnant, and even get to know your enemies better. Especially if your enemy is a Skitter.

One of our favorite features of social media is being able to discover news about our favorite TV shows, movies and games, and the Falling Skies Facebook page is a great example.

With the countdown to the June 9 season premiere of the TNT alien drama, their Facebook page has really upped their game and is keeping fans in the loop with news and all the latest promos. Their promise that “Earth. Will. Rise.” is not a light one.

One of our favorite posts is the video “Know Your Enemy: Skitters”

Seriously, we need to take Green Day’s advice and know your enemy! The six-legged, nocturnal creature that communicates with harnessed children, is possibly controlled by the overlords. The sing-songy warning “Keep the kids locked up safe folks. You never know what to expect when the Skitters are around!” is obviously terrifying but you’ll probably snicker a bit.

They also offer us “Rules for Saving Your Human Ass” ...

This is nice because, without our asses, we wouldn’t be able to effectively run from our enemies. Rule #16: Skitters May Cause Side Effects! Poor President Mason has experienced the side effects from the insane uprising and has been “kidnapped, tortured, shot, and implanted with an eyeworm” not to mention he was almost torn apart by a harnessed kid and contaminated by a nuclear reactor. You think you had a bad week? Seriously, Rule #7 is SUCK IT UP!

Then there is this unnerving but oddly hilarious video for the most horrifying contact lenses on the market:

Other fun things the page offers is a map (complete with a coffee stain) that details the 2nd Mass’s journey so far. Kudos to the geniuses behind the Falling Skies Facebook page for keeping us entertained up to and beyond the premiere. Be sure to not only “Like” the page but follow them on Twitter as well.

Most important though? Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 9 at 9 p.m. for the first of two new episodes because... “the Revolution is here.”

-Larissa Mrykalo