'Ghost Hunters,' Amy Bruni return tonight

If you were bummed that the season premiere was bumped from April 17, tonight is the big night. Because Ghost Hunters returns at 9 p.m. tonight with brand new investigations.

Now, nearly two months later, Season 9 continues with "The Ghost Hasn’t Left the Building." The official Syfy synopsis says "Jason Hawes and TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) head to Louisiana to investigate the historic Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium – famed for being the venue where Elvis Presley played his first professional gig in 1954." Other legends who have played at the memorial are Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Sr., but the TAPS "client" is concerned the King never left the building.

Now that's all well and good, but the location isn't what's making GH fans excited, is it?

Instead, tonight's episode is important because it marks Amy Bruni’s first investigation after going on maternity leave last year.

Proud momma Bruni talked to Glamour at length about her dual role as a mom and paranormal investigator. She admitted she had a hard time hiding the news at first, but didn't want to overshadow Grant Wilson's departure from the show. She said her moment she decided to go on leave, despite understanding from Jason Hawes, was when she went into a supposedly haunted location and saw an Asbestos warning. She said she did miss her job and wanted to get back to it, and once she did, begin to see the job as a mini-vacation. She also suggested she is perhaps more sensitive to paranormal activity from children now.

Check out the article and tune in to Ghost Hunters tonight on Syfy, 9 p.m. And don't miss a sneak peek of tonight's episode below...

-Aaron Sagers