'Grimm' teams with Dark Horse Deluxe for show collectibles

Design for Nick's key
The fairy-tale stories of NBC's Grimm are getting just a little bit closer to the real world. On Sept. 25, 2013, Dark Horse Comic's collectibles imprint Dark Horse Deluxe is set to release some cool new NBC licensed products based on the cop drama-meets-fairy tale show.

Dark Horse Deluxe's initial Grimm product line has a variety of items, but includes two primary centerpieces. The first is Nick's Key, the subject of much of the conflict in the show. The wearable pin/pendant even includes the etchings on the sides, which in the show reveal a secret map. A lot of people are interested in where this map leads and just what is hidden there. This Key first appears in the “Pilot” episode of Grimm.

The second item is a pin version of a coin of Zakynthos. These coins have been the object of many a power hungry being from Julius Caesar to Adolf Hitler. They hold strange powers which strongly effect everyone but a Grimm, and were introduced in the Season One episode "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau."

Nick has been struggling for three seasons now to keep both of these items out of the grasp of the conniving royal families that would use them to gain even more power. But now you can have them both!

The product line is rounded out with a lunchbox, a pint glass, a coffee mug and an embroidered skull-design patch. More products will follow including journals, cards, some lenticular products, and character busts. So check out your favorite Dark Horse products retailer on Sept. 25, 2013 to snatch up your favorite before the royal families get them all.

And don't forget Grimm returns to Friday nights this fall.

-Melissa Harkness