H&R Block asks, 'Have you budgeted for the zombie apocalypse?'

Surviving the zombocalypse ain't cheap. Unless you've invested heavily for the EOTWAWKI over the course of several years, chances are good you might be unprepared when the dead rise from their graves and start chomping.

And even if you start to stock up now, it requires wise purchases and planning so you don't waste money on the best sawed-off shotgun money can buy (while money is still worth anything) that you forget to pick up some toilet paper.

Thankfully the fine people over at H&R Block have thought about all this, and have assembled a helpful infographic to assist you in beginning to plan for the end. It covers a lot of ground, such as food, water and escape vehicles for both those on a Cadillac plan or on a blue-collar budget.

Check out the data after the jump and plan wisely so your bank account isn't devoured before the walking dead come to devour you.

-Aaron Sagers