Psychic Chip Coffey teams with 'Ghost Lab' stars for DVD series

It looks like the stars of A&E’s Psychic Kids; Children of the Paranormal and the Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab are joining forces for a film project. A recent press release from Brad and Barry Klinge's group Everyday Paranormal revealed they'd begin filming a paranormal-investigative reality DVD series with psychic/medium Chip Coffey (also from Paranormal State) on June 10. The Klinges are also executive producers of the still-unnamed series.

The release also states the first episode of the Studio Lychee-produced series will be available for DVD and download this fall.

Brad Klinge offers some insight on the series: “This is not just a paranormal show. We dive into unsolved murder mysteries, unwritten or little-known history, and controversial stories that have an aspect of paranormal to them. Many people want to restrict research styles into set categories. We are using the best of all worlds to not only show cool paranormal evidence, but use it to answer real-life questions.”

Brad’s brother Barry is also excited about not only the control they’ll have over the series but the addition of Chip Coffey: “This show will be serious, funny, moving, name it. And then add Chip Coffey in with us? Hell, I’m looking forward to watching that show myself!”

This is not the first time Chip Coffey has collaborated with another paranormal investigative team, despite having appeared on another network. He recently appeared on an episode of Haunted Collector, and has worked at paranormal events hosted by Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

-Larissa Mrykalo


eyeontheparanormal said...

meaning to see it you have to pay for it LOL

reflectorcrab said...

Awesome opportunity for some delightful paranormal antics, can't wait

FaerieGoddess84 said...
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FaerieGoddess84 said...

It will be interesting. I have loved everything else Chip Coffey has done , can't wait!

Beatrice Marot said...


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@Goddes Bea,
Is is extremely unprofessional of you to make this post here. What ever your problem is with chip is between you two, not the world. I do not know the deletails and goddess know i dont want to we are one paranormal community no matter what are differences are we come to gather for the greater goal. Leaving comments on Posta about Mr Coffey is honestly a waste of your time and energy you could use that time and energy to bring positivity to the world not negatives. Please just move on in your life and leave the drama in the past and off of public domains. Just a bit of advice For Give and Forget what ever the problem was . thank you

eyeontheparanormal said...

So your saying if I get this right is if your a fake that is okay boy am I happy I have not taken the unity pill

Beatrice Marot said...

@Rachel . . thank you for your opinion.

Have a nice day.