Top 11 Very Important Zombies (VIZs) On Film

(Originally published at MTV Geek)

In the new Brad Pitt movie World War Z the zombies attack like a swarm of angry, infected bees. They can function independently from the collective organism but are most frequently seen operating as a fast-moving horde in order to find new hosts and spread their virus. But while visually arresting within the film, zed-heads will be left asking: Where is the walking dead clown, little girl or mechanic?

A staple of the genre has been the spotlighted ghoul that has its moment to shine – and bite – as a Very Important Zombie. So even though WWZ movie zombies are different than what we normally see, there are individual zombies that leave a mark either because of their shocking reveal, memorable personality or just because of their novelty. This is a list sure to stir up debate, so let’s dig in to the best of movie VIZs:

11. Ed (Nick Frost)
“Shaun of the Dead”

Flatulent, video game loving man-child Ed is the absolute definition of what a sidekick should be. When Shaun wants to mourn the end of his relationship with (ex) girlfriend Liz, Ed takes him to the Winchester for a few pints and a laugh. Naturally, when the zombie horde overtakes London, they fight side-by-side, shovel-by-cricket bat until the very end.

Just like all good sidekicks, when the time comes, they become a hero and sacrifice themselves for their loved ones. Ed receives a fatal bite in the final showdown at the Winchester, despite Shaun’s attempts to save him. Even as he sits there bleeding to death, Ed makes sure that they share one last laugh by ripping a righteously foul fart.

But did we really expect Shaun to leave Ed in that basement? Well, yes; we all did. However, when you find your soul mate, you’ll do anything to keep them with you. Even if that means you have to chain them up in a garden shed and spray their decaying body with Febreeze to enjoy a few rounds of your favorite video game.

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