'Zombie Musical' Kickstarter allows funders to dictate movie action

It’s OK to admit that you love musicals; everyone does. The sweeping score, the group numbers that may or may not have made you publicly burst into song when you were a child, the jazz hands and, of course, the flesheeating throngs of the undead. Wait, what?

Filmmaker, Ryan McHenry (known for his hilarious Ryan Gosling eating cereal videos on Vine) is reworking his BAFTA winning short "Zombie Musical" (embedded after the jump) -- about a group of high schoolers that sing and dance their way through the Christmas-time zompoc -- into his first feature film. He is funding the project with the help of Kickstarter and viewers/fans of the project.

Now here’s where it gets even more interesting; McHenry and his team are creating a weekly interactive series exclusively for Kickstarter where YOUR donations dictate what happens to the ZM crew. When they hit certain monetary goals, their “characters” in the series will gain access to different weapons, ranging from a £10 knife to the £100,000 mystery box. For just £1 ($1.50) you can become a backer for the project and become a credited executive producer.

Whether or not they reach their goal for the project, McHenry assures fans that the musical will be made no matter what. The cast and crew are set, the script has been completed and now they’re currently producing the songs. While the zombies won’t take part in the singing, McHenry assures viewers that they will be eating many faces off.

-Nowal Massari