Audiences prepare to be Flashed

Following the success of Arrow, the CW is taking the fast track (sorry) in getting a new series based on The Flash to the airwaves, according to Deadline. An updated article says that the series will focus on Barry Allen -- at least initially -- and his origin story, making it likely he'll be the main character throughout the run of the series.

No word yet on who will play the scarlet speedster, but there is good reason to believe the show will have good quality writing behind it. So far, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg are coming over from Arrow with the addition of Geoff Johns from DC Comics. Johns had an eight-year run writing Green Lantern for DC, redefining and revitalizing much about the Green Lantern Corps as well as maintaining his current stints on Aquaman, Justice League America and Justice League. He's also very familiar with The Flash, having written for the comic series from 2000-05

Apparently, there is also rumor that while Wonder Woman was taken up but never made it to filming a pilot, that project is also not necessarily dead in the water. If this is true, that means Batman, Superman (not to mention the recently announced Batman/Superman project), Arrow/Green Arrow, The Flash, and Wonder Woman will all have exposure to the masses soon. Newsarama is also reporting plans for an additional Flash movie in 2016.

Is it crazy to think that while a Justice League movie has been put on hold for now, that all this is a prelude to set up a feature film for the ultimate DC team?

-David Berck