'Doctor Who' Series 1-7 to be Released in Blu-ray Gift Set

While Whovians are eagerly anticipating the return of the Madman with a box, word on the street is that we will be receiving another box this fall ... of the boxed set variety.

For the first time, BBC Home Entertainment is releasing the "new Who" series in its entirety on Blu-ray. The set will include Series 1-4 starring Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor) and David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) making their newly remastered Blu-ray debut, along with Series 5-7 with Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor).

All episodes will be be presented in full 1080p high definition and it retails for $314.98.

Fans of Doctor Who are well aware that nothing is ever as it seems, and this set is no different. Like the TARDIS, it is also bigger on the inside and promises plenty of extras for viewers. For example, your own Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver that doubles as a universal remote!

An official release date has yet to be announced. However, it sounds like it will be available before the 50th Anniversary special is released ... just in time for new Whovians to catch up, or for longtime fans to rewatch and repeatedly curse Moffat to the Heavens.

The set is available for pre-order here.

-Nowal Massari