Exclusive: Picture yourself undead and famous with Parafest photo promotion

Photo by Ali Cotton
Parafest is calling all walking dead and haunting dead masquerade masters for a special fan opportunity to be undead and famous.

In a new promotion, Parafest 2013 announced that the paranormal and horror con is seeking zombiefied fans to adorn their banners and posters -- which includes being on a banner at Halloween Haunt VI at Dorney Park! This opportunity is to celebrate the Undead Celeb Party and kick off the final weeks before Parafest 2013 takes over the Sands Bethlehem Event Center on Sept. 6-8.

So here's what you have to do to be considered for the Undead Celeb banner promotion, which will run from today through Friday, July 19.

First off, be a zombie, vampire or ghost. No? Okay, if that doesn't apply to you, then you must:
  • Post your photos all accross social media (on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) with hashtag #Parafest2013
  • AND Submit a high-resolution image of your undead self, which you own, to kversace@parafest2013.com
  • Include your complete name, age and contact info (phone number and email)
  • No usage of iPhone apps or Photoshop is allowed, so show off your makeup and effects skills
  • Avoid group photos so you can stand out all on your own
  • Be aware, there is no form of payment included aside from the chance to appear on the promotional material
  • Must be age 18 and up
And that's it! If selected, you will be contacted to submit a photo release of the image.

Even if you don't plan on submitting an undead pic to Parafest, tickets for the event are available now. So shamble over to your computer and buy them up.