'Face Off' Season Five brings back previous competitors in new twist

The fifth season of Syfy’s unscripted make-up competition series, Face Off begins Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. ET and you’ll see many familiar faces. Namely; McKenzie Westmore; her dad and mentor to the contestants, Michael Westmore; and judges Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page.

But joining eight new up-and-coming artists will be eight contestants who competed in past seasons and are fighting for a chance to redeem themselves. These veteran contestants include: Alana Schiro (season 3); Brian “Tate” Steinsiek (s1); Eric Zapata (s4); Frank Ippolito (s1); Laura Tyler (s3); Miranda Jory (s2); Robert “RJ” Haddy (s2); and, Roy Wooley (s3).

The Spotlight Challenges for this season are “tasked to create fully-realized characters that not only look camera ready for TV or film, but also tell a story specific to the challenge’s genre, scene or world.” according to the press release. Examples include creating a futuristic Frankenstein and his bride; a Mother Goose-inspired character; and a grim character based on one of the seven deadly sins. Aliens, ghosts and elves will challenge the 16 artists as well.

The finale will have the final three diving into Swan Lake for their creations. Their designs will be tested during an epic performance at the Los Angeles Ballet.

Some of the guest judges will include: Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies); former Face Off series judge Patrick Tatopolous (Total Recall, 300: Rise of an Empire); and, makeup artist Bill Corso (Lemony Snicket, The Amazing Spider-Man).

The stakes are similar to past seasons but they have a new make-up sponsor. The winner will receive $100K; a 2013 Fiat; and a VIP trip from new sponsor, Kryolan Professional Make-Up to one of their 85 locations.

-Larissa Mrykalo