'True Blood' recap: 'In the Evening'

Courtesy HBO

A lot was packed into this full hour of True Blood, but with only three episodes left in this sixth season, cramming is essential.

Contaminated Tru-Blood, a crazy blonde with political delusions, a disgraced pack master, a gooey vamp and some shower sex, need to be addressed!

Don’t Let Your Guard Down
Despite the guards discovering the security breach, Eric manages to escape the vamp camp with Hep-V-infected Nora. Before Eric he leaves, he implores Willa to inform Pam that she is not to drink the infected Tru-Blood. Pam urges Willa to not tell everyone because if all of the vamps stop feeding, the humans will know they’re on to them. Willa agrees to only tell Tara and Jessica and she heads back to her cell.

Nora is in rough shape and Eric heads to Bill’s to plead for his help. She doesn’t want Lilith’s blood inside of her and Bill refuses since they must respect her dying wish. Will they respect her wish? Nope. Eric is desperate and Bill ultimately gives her his fancy blood. It doesn’t seem to work. Will Warlow’s help? Sadly, it'll only help her walk in daylight.

Bill does need Warlow’s blood to help save Tara, Pam, Jessica and Eric from dying in that white room that he saw in his premonition. His blood allows day-walking. He asks Eric for help to stop the vision he’s had and thus, save them all.
 Back at the camp, Jessica is brought to see Jason who just wants to help her out. She doesn’t seem to want his help and he thinks she may have, ya know, “Shockholder’s Syndrome.” Oh Jason, you sweet dumb hunk!

Jessica wants Jason to bring James to her. He’s the guy who wouldn’t engage in the “copulation study” with her and she wants to thank him with the knowledge to avoid drinking the tainted Tru-Blood. He’s a super nice and wholesome dude and since they’re all going to die in there, she wants to go out with a vampire bang. She wants him to make love to her. He obliges and they finally...copulate.

Speaking of copulating, Pam has therapy and gets her doc all riled up with tales of her voracious hunger. He wants not only more details but also to be deep inside her (head).  He agrees to get her in to Gen Pop if she allows him in, even though she's "getting things done" in solitary if ya know what I mean. The last we see of the two of them implies that he’s going deep.

Sarah has discovered the headless governor and has big plans. She gets a senator on her side and develops a plan to dispose of Truman and tell the public the mansion was attacked and he’s in hiding. The senator is impressed with the political acumen and agrees. While the senator makes the decisions, she’ll take over operations and the Hep-V will spread and destroy the vamps. Hey, thanks a lot God for your clear message! She's insane.

Back at the camp, Sarah informs Jason that Truman is dead and has him cut and thrown in with the females in the Gen Pop area. Did she discover that he helped out Jessica? I assume there are cameras all around. Anyway, Tara protects him but the alpha female claims him as her own. Jason was always a ladies man anyway. He'll be fine.

So Nora is just declining and we ultimately get to see the effects of Hep-V. Eric prays to Godric to help her and we learn, via flashback, that back in 1665 London, Eric took a plague-infected Nora to Godric to save her and make her a vamp. So that's why they refer to themselves as brother and sister? They’ve come full circle and although Nora is not going to live forever, she has lived a full life. She then dies in Eric’s arms and he’s beside himself. It’s pretty sad. Last week, Terry and this week Nora? Who’s next?

Basking in the illuminated tree sex...wait, where did the tree go? Sookie makes it clear to Warlow that just because they did it, she’s not marrying him. Warlow is concerned that it was just sex but hey, it’s never just sex. Sookie then hears Arlene’s sorrowful cries and leaves him there all naked and heads off to comfort her friend.

Arlene is justifiably a hot mess and Sookie offers her strength and the “you’ll get through this, you always do” speech. Sookie takes her home. Arlene has the horrible task of telling her kids the news but first, she attacks Lafayette and calls him a voodoo queer. What was in that box? Are they talking about the safety deposit box that Lala has the key for? Hey, Arlene, there’s a $2 million insurance policy in that box. She'll probably be pissed that Terry planned his own death though.

Arlene uses alcohol to cope with her loss but during a big meet and greet at the house between Holly’s kids and Andy’s fairy daughter, Bill arrives. He offers his condolences to Arlene and then to Andy. Remember, Andy wanted to kill Bill but Bill charms him with the whole, I lost a child too. Hey Bill? Andy lost three daughters thanks to you! Andy ends up shaking his hand anyway.

Bill then goes after what he came for, knowledge from Sookie about Warlow’s whereabouts. Bill tells her that he needs Warlow to save her friends and to not let her anger for him get in the way. He implores her to bring Warlow to him soon.

Liar, Liar
When Sam checks in with Lafayette about his bar’s well-being, he learns of Terry’s death. Despite Alcide’s warning about never being seen in Bon Temps again, the death of his friend is a priority and he must head back. He tells Nicole to call her mom to come get her for her own safety. He gets a nice farewell screw in the shower as well as her phone number. Call me...maybe?

Alcide takes him dad home and papa wolf tries to make amends. He thinks his son should move away and be solitary like him because pack life just doesn’t seem to be for him. Alcide deep down knows this but is just too stubborn to listen to dear ol’ daddy. He’ll be sorry!

When Alcide heads back to the pack, he tells them that Nicole and Sam are dead and Martha has Emma. He’s only half telling the truth and Rikki calls him out. They’ve kidnapped Nicole and her mother and have them bound and gagged. The pack then verbally attacks Alcide by calling him a liar. Oh please don’t rip him apart! He's too pretty!

Last Bite
Will Alcide be able to wiggle his way out of being destroyed by his pack? Will that shower Nicole took with Sam be her last? Will Eric and Bill find Warlow and put a stop to Bill’s vision? What will Arlene do with her new found wealth? Can Sarah be a bigger bitch?

Watch “Dead Meat” next Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO to find out.