'Carrie' Remake Gets New Trailer

Courtesy IMDB.com
Sony just released a new trailer for the Kimberly Peirce-directed remake of Stephen King's "Carrie" and this one has a little something extra at the end. A phone number is provided to call and see what happened to Carrie. She answers, but she's not the only one on the line. You’re gonna get in trouble!

From what’s contained in this second trailer (which looks a lot like the first one), we think it will make fans of Brian De Palma’s original 1976 version, happy. The familiar scenes appear intact but that bloody shower scene has an extra element of horror. Smartphones. It was horrific enough to watch that scene in the original but just imagine it being captured on a bully's phone and posted on Facebook.

Will Julianne Moore “cut” it as Carrie’s religiously-obsessed mama? Is Chloe Grace Moretz too pretty to play the telekinetic and tormented outcast? Watch the trailer and let us know your thoughts.

Call the number too (855-522-7713). We double dog dare you!

"Carrie" hits theaters this October 18...will you be brave enough to go to the Prom?

-Larissa Mrykalo