Geek Season podcast: Arthur Darvill talks 'Doctor Who' & his new show 'Broadchurch'

A couple weeks ago I was able to chat with Arthur Darvill about Doctor Who, but also about his Broadway show Once and his new BBC America program Broadchurch. What follows is a podcasty version of that conversation. But if you'd prefer to read (but who really does that anymore?), head to MTV Geek for the written word version. Although I kind of recommend this since it has a lot more stuff I had to edit out.

-Aaron Sagers

Podcast Description: Arthur Darvill gained fame in the U.S. as Rory Williams aka Mr. Amy Pond aka The Last Centurion on 'Doctor Who' alongside Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. But since his departure from the show last year, he hasn't rested. Darvill currently appears in the Broadway musical 'Once' and the BBC-America show 'Broadchurch' (with 10th Doctor David Tennant). Darvill talks with geek journalist Aaron Sagers about Doctor Who, Once and Broadchurch in this episode of Geek Season. For more fun, follow Sagers on Twitter @AaronSagers and on his site Paranormal Pop Culture