Lori as a zombie on 'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Blu-ray

Over at Entertainment Weekly, they've got a tasty first-look at a deleted scene from Season 3 of The Walking Dead.

Appearing on the upcoming third season DVD/Blu-ray (available Aug. 27) the scene shows Rick (Andrew Lincoln) making out with a hallucination of Lori in her wedding dress in episode 10. But so sorry, crazypants Grimes, because after kiss her a bit, he pulls away to find she's a walker.


It is a fun scene, although it makes sense while it was cut from the episode. It is too much of a shift and takes away a little from Rick's descent into madness -- though some of you might think it adds to it. But it has to be a bit of a bummer for Sarah Wayne Callies to have gone through the makeup process just to have it cut. Either way, hey, it's a reminder of Jack Nicholson's makeout session with a corpse in The Shining.

Head over to EW to check out the scene. And in case you were wondering, The Walking Dead returns for Season 4 on Oct. 13.

-Aaron Sagers