'Ghost Adventures' Brings Viewers Up Close and Personal In Special Episode

Courtesy: The Travel Channel
Gearing up for their huge 100th Episode, tonight “Ghost Adventures” brings viewers “Up Close and Personal" by touching on memorable moments from the past 99 episodes.

Airing at 9 p.m. ET on The Travel Channel, the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) spends an hour taking a look at fan-selected top picks, divided across five different categories. Voting to select your favorite moments is closed and the guys have made their selections but we have the break-down. You can click on the category link to watch each clip and get ready for tonight’s episode:

Scariest Moments (Paranormal Shock and Awe):
“An Evil Force Confronts Nick” -New Orleans
“Ghost Grabs Zak’s Butt” -Gettysburg
“Zak Gets Scratched in Kentucky” -Bobby Mackey’s Music World
“Billy Panics” -King’s Tavern
‘Listen Up” -Goldfield Hotel: Redemption

Funniest Moments (The Lighter Side of the Lockdown):
“Zak Gets Ghostly Laughs” -The National Hotel
“Zak Does an Irish Jig” -Kell’s Irish Pub
“Zak and Nick’s Shot Challenge” -Old Town San Diego
“Ghost Adventures Invitational” -Hill View Manor
“Zak Busts a Move” -The National Hotel

Most Terrifying Possessions (The Danger of a Lockdown):
“A Dying Place” -Poveglia Island
“Nick’s Possession” -King’s Tavern
“Break His Camera” -Goldfield: Redemption
“Overcome By a Presence” -Savannah’s Moon River Brewery
“Channeling a Spirit” -Preston Castle

Most Memorable Trigger Objects (Summoning the Spirits):
“Ghost Soldier” -Gettysburg
“GA Parties Like It’s 1821”-Old Town San Diego
“Aaron Pays the Prostitute” -The Copper Queen Hotel and The Oliver House
“Inkblot Devil” -Tor House
“Eerie Dinner Experiment” -Peabody-Whitehead Mansion

Best Experiments (Getting Creative with Investigations):
“Long-Distance Summoning” -Winchester Mystery House
“Gracie Makes Her Debut” -Brookdale Lodge
“Electrified Spirit Finder” -Return to Linda Vista
“Finding Maggie” -Cripple Creek
“Spirit Fishing” -The National Hotel

These are the categories and clips and until tonight, we can only guess which were selected. What are some other categories and clips you would have chosen and what are your favorites?

You can also check out Aaron Sagers' interview with lead investigator, Zak Bagans and learn more about this and next week’s 100th episode at the “Exorcist House” in St. Louis.

-Larissa Mrykalo