New Series 'When Ghosts Attack' to Premiere on Destination America

Destination America is bringing in the big scares just in time for Halloween. "When Ghosts Attack" revolves around reportedly true cases of demonic or malevolent spirit attacks; including first person accounts from the victims of these paranormal invasions, ranging from hushed threats to physical assault and harm.

According to Marc Etkind, general manager of Destination America, "You might think you know the makings of a scary story – rattling chains and bumps in the night – but these aren’t your average campfire tales, "When Ghosts Attack" is like nothing you’ve ever seen, revealing shocking evidence and first-person testimony that ghosts don’t just go ‘boo!’ but can actually break the bounds of the spirit world to make violent physical contact with the living.”

The first episode, "There's No Place Like Hell," focuses on the Settle family of LaFayetteville, West Virginia and Marsha Eden of Central New Jersey. When Lori Settle and her family move into their new home, all seems as it should be. However, a week after they move in, she begins to feel a dark presence following her and strange occurrences, leading to physical attacks, lead Lori to believe that something deadly and unseen is in their home. Marsha Eden and her children move into an idyllic apartment home in New Jersey, right across from an abandoned mill. Soon enough, their nights are filled with mysterious voices and creepy confrontations that have them fearing for their lives.

The first of eight episodes will premiere on October 20 at 10 p.m.  ET, following the season finale of "A Haunting."

-Nowal Massari