Stan Lee Talks About The Supernatural

This is a little bit of an early Halloween treat. I recently discovered some footage of an interview taped between me and Stan Lee (from 2011, I think, for CNN). Buried in my questions, I asked Stan off-handedly about this thoughts on the paranormal.

His response: "I would LOVE to see a ghost. I would love to have a real haunted house I could go into. I have spent my life looking for something supernatural I could believe in. I haven't found it yet but I haven't given up."

Another classic Stan Lee response was when I asked him what he was like as a kid: "I was adorable. My Mother told me I was adorable, and she would not lie ... I talked too much, which caused some trouble. I remember I had, when I was a little kid in first or second grade, a teacher who said, 'Stan, I want you to lock up your mouth and throw away the key and don't talk until I give the key back.' Because I was always talking. You wouldn't believe that, knowing me now, I can't say a word. But when I was young, I talked all the time."

Stan is a hero of mine (as I've discussed before), so I just wanted to share this gem I found from a couple years ago.

-Aaron Sagers