'World War Z' Gets The Honest Trailer It Deserves

Most people I talk with really enjoyed the movie adaptation "World War Z," (aka "Brad Pitt Zombie Movie Based On Awesome Book"). But I can't relate. While I didn't think it was the worst I've seen  it wasn't a great zombie movie. And I think most of the goodwill heaped on it is due to the fact that it wasn't a complete cinematic disaster despite the bad buzz, delays, extensive re-shoots and expectations that it would be just that. Apparently "not sucking" warrants a pretty huge box office take and an opinion (among movie fans I am normally in agreement with) that we can overlook the sloppy story telling and plot holes.

Anyhoo, "World War Z" hits DVD/Blu-ray this week and I wonder if the love affair will continue. That remains to be seen, but in the meantime, you should check out this pretty funny video from Screen Junkies, who gives the "Honest Trailer" treatment to the flick -- and yes, Pepsi is mentioned.

-Aaron Sagers