'Face Off' recap: 'Mortal Sins'


This sinfully good episode of “Face Off” had the remaining seven artists praying they don’t get eliminated. Forgive me for these Biblical references...for I did not mean to offend. Anyway, let’s head to St. Brendan’s Catholic Church and see what forbidden fruit awaits.

Spotlight Challenge
Inside the famous church, Glenn and McKenzie revealed that in this challenge, the artists would be creating a forbidding character that embodies one of the seven deadly sins. They chose one of seven colored apples that represents the sin and would have to incorporate that color into their design.

Here are their sins and color: Greed/yellow (Laney); Pride/violet (Roy); Wrath/red (Laura); Gluttony/orange (Frank); Sloth/light blue (Tate); Lust/royal blue (Miranda); and, Envy/green (Eddie).

Glenn urged that they bring the design to life but don’t make it too obvious. Tate was super excited because he’s a big fan of Dante’s “Inferno.” They took inspiration from the beautiful, gothic interior of the church and then headed back to the lab to start their sculpts.

Lab Work
The artists revealed details about their preliminary designs. Roy described a woman who tried so hard to be beautiful, she ended up looking like a monster. Frank just took the easy route...gluttony equals a fat guy. He prophetically said, “Go big or go home.” His molds were nice though! Poor Tate needed to be his template for the fat suit though. Worst job ever!

Michael Westmore did his walk-through and doled out his amazing advice. He gave Laney advice on how to successfully age her design. She was nervous about doing an old-age makeup. Westmore was concerned that Eddie’s makeup would be too vague and this put Eddie into a state of self-doubt. He ultimately kept the design, however.

The second day was frantic, especially for Miranda who had a hose issue. Tate stepped up and showed that he couldn’t say no when asked for help. Roy told him to get some balls because this was a competition and winning was obviously crucial. Tate proved that he could still be nice and do an amazing design, didn’t he?

Frank was chugging along but had no idea how he was going to incorporate the color orange into his gluttonous creation. He didn’t seem too concerned. On Application Day, he painted an awesome flesh-toned body but still, no orange.

A funny moment was when Laney went outside with some alcohol and burned a piece of wardrobe. She giggled, “I have a lot of experience burning things.” Alrighty then...moving along.

Last Looks seemed even more insane than usual and it always gives the impression that a bunch of unfinished looks would be taking the stage. Not true in this case. Despite the slapping on of paint and scrambling to assemble their looks, the reveal is always a treat.

Joining Glenn, Neville and Ve as a guest judge was producer/writer, Bryan Fuller. He’s been involved with some ominous projects such as, “Hannibal,” so he knows dark makeup when he sees it.

After taking their closer looks, they deemed Laura, Eddie and Laney as safe. They had some misgivings about the roughness of Roy’s edges and were confused by the shape of Frank’s “Low Hanging Fruit” design, especially the neck. This landed both of them in the bottom looks.

They loved Miranda’s lusty demon who longed for eternal youth and lured men to their death so she could drink their blood to remain young. How very Elizabeth Bathory of her! Tate’s tortured creature wrapped in snakes and unable to attain the crown at the top of the staircase, blew away the judges.

The intricate work and story telling Tate’s design conveyed, led him to a victory with this challenge. He listened to Glenn’s instruction and hit on many levels when it came to the concept and its execution. Tate was obviously proud of his creepy creature ... as well he should be!

Unfortunately for Frank, he went big and this caused him to be sent home. The fact that his incorporation of the color orange was merely sticking the prop apple on a scale, was almost like a big ol’ “Eff You” to the judges and the challenge. The judges pointed out there were significant problems with the face and the chin and despite the “ton” of work, he made poor creative choices.

Next week looks extra fun and creepy! Tune in for some dark humor and watch “The Laughing Dead” on Tuesday, October 15 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.